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B2G Platform

To push the pro-growth agenda forward, the Chamber created a solid Policy platform covering key spheres of the economy. The Chamber B2G activities revolve around the work of 22 sector-specific Policy Committees, 8 Working Groups, 3 Clubs and Hubs, Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions, and Solid Excisable Task Force. The Policy platform fosters the dialogue between the Chamber member companies and state authorities at all levels as well as stakeholders in politics, business, and civil society.




The committee’s mission is to support and promote development of a market-based Agricultural sector as the core for the overall development of Ukraine’s economy


Banking & Financial Services

The main purpose of the committee is to actively participate in the Ukrainian banking system development and promotion of high-quality banking standards and values as well as support and development of initiatives of the Ukrainian government and local banking association towards establishment of local banking environment harmonized with the best international banking practices



Committee’s activities are devoted to the improvement of antimonopoly regulation in Ukraine in accordance with international standards in order to promote economic competition and facilitate doing business


Consumer Goods (Personal & Household Care)

The committee’s mission is to provide necessary support and expertise to the current players of FMCG market as well as bring new investors through contribution to establishment of favorable regulatory environment for consumer products businesses



The committee has been established to contribute to development of the customs legislation that would be simple, modern and adaptable



The main purpose of the committee is to promote the further development and modernization of Ukraine’s energy sector by attracting investment, in support of the vision of a more energy self-reliant Ukraine

Clubs & Hubs

Compliance Club

Compliance Club members discuss challenges and opportunities for the introduction of effective compliance system, in particular establishment of a compliance system in Ukraine considering the positive experience of foreign countries

Corporate Social Responsibility Hub

The platform for building B2B relationships and expanding the network of like-minded CSR professionals for future cooperation and best practices sharing

GR Professionals Network

The platform is created to share and implement transparent GR and government advocacy practices based on international standards in Ukraine. It aims to operate as a network for business community and state authorities for discussion and development of GR practices and government advocacy, based on ethics and zero tolerance to corruption

Healthcare Marketing HUB

Healthcare Marketing HUB is launched to share the innovative ideas, developments of the healthcare sphere’s vectors and tracking new market trends among industry professionals from leading companies

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