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Regulation on Adaptive Quarantine Starting Next Week Includes Chamber Proposals

Regulation on Adaptive Quarantine Starting Next Week Includes Chamber Proposals

On February 18, 2021, the Government approved Resolution #104 amending quarantine regulations.

According to the Resolution, Ukraine returns to the adaptive quarantine starting from February 24 until April 30, 2021.

Ukraine’s regions will be divided into four color zones depending on the daily monitoring of the epidemic situation: green, yellow, orange, and red.

Considering the current situation, it was decided to set up a yellow zone regime on February 24 with the following restrictions:

  • wearing face masks and keeping social distancing in public buildings;
  • no more than 1 person per 4 square meters during public events;
  • cinemas and cultural institutions with up to 50% occupancy;
  • transportation of passengers only within the seating capacity;
  • prohibited operation of entertainment venues as well as cafes & restaurants with entertainment;
  • working hours of  cafes & restaurants (excluding address delivery services and takeaways) from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM;
  • no more than 4 adults at the same table in cafes & restaurants (with at least 2 meters distance between adjacent tables);
  • prohibited operation of accommodation establishments (except hotels, recreation, etc.).

In addition to the yellow zone restrictions, the orange zone foresees strengthening state control over compliance with quarantine measures.

Red zone regulation includes prohibitions for the yellow zone as well as the following ones:

  • cafes & restaurants operate only for address delivery and takeaways;
  • shutting down shopping malls and cultural institutions;
  • allowed operation of shops, 60% of the trade area of which is intended for trade of food products, fuel, medicines and medical devices, hygiene products and household detergents, telecommunication facilities, printed media, veterinary medicines and feeds, seeds, crop protection (no additional restrictions to assortments of those shops are applied);
  • allowed consumer services: trade with address delivery; operation of petrol stations, financial institutions, post services, automotive workshops and repair services, veterinary clinics, waste collection points, telecommunication companies.

Green zone enables revision of approach to easing quarantine regulations.

The Ministry of Health held consultations with the Chamber while developing adaptive quarantine regulation and incorporated business community’s proposals into Resolution #104. As a result, some critical rules applied within the red zone were mitigated (like the elimination of offline sales assortment in shops that stay open under strengthened anti-epidemic measures, operation of the telecom sector, providing consumers with repair services).

The Chamber expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Health for taking the position of the business community into account and will continue this dialogue to ensure predictable and reasonable quarantine regulations.

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