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Policy Win: Government Cancelled Critical Imports of Goods

Policy Win: Government Cancelled Critical Imports of Goods

On July 7, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) adopted Resolution #761 “On Amendments to the CMU Resolution #153 "On the List of Critical Import Goods", dated February 24, 2022, and Recognition of Paragraph 1 of the CMU Resolution #2893 as Invalid” (the Resolution).

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (the Chamber) welcomes the adoption of the Resolution, which foresees the cancellation of critical imports of goods. Although the restrictions for import of services remain in place, the introduced changes significantly increase the import of goods, supporting the country's economy and development of business in Ukraine, especially during the martial law.

The Chamber has been continuously and consistently advocating for lifting the currency restrictions on payment for imported goods to foreign suppliers. We want to thank all the Chamber members who were actively involved in this advocacy process for their contribution.

The business community looks forward to continuing fruitful dialogue with stakeholders regarding the relief of existing restrictors on the import of services.

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