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The committee’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of Ukraine's competition law and enforcement practices in line with best international standards in order to promote competition and facilitate doing business.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

Maintaining dialogue with the AMC to encourage transparency and predictability, including the enhancement of procedural rights for parties involved in AMC cases and investigations, to ensure due process as well as fair and consistent approaches of the authority

Priority 2

Monitoring and analyzing the ongoing competition law reform, while ensuring that business’ voices and concerns are heard and addressed in the upcoming stages of the reform

Priority 3

Securing tangible benefits for business from Ukraine's alignment with the EU competition laws, including the enhanced role of courts in interpreting and enforcing competition laws in line with the EU acquis, and ensuring that Ukrainian competition authorities’ acts and practices are compliant with the best global/European standards

Responsible Board Member(s)

Serhiy Chorny



Viktoriia Hladka-Batiuk

Valentyna Hvozd

Igor Svechkar

Policy Officer(s)

Kseniia Strukova

Junior Policy Officer (Committees)

Official Service Providers