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Policy Win: The Government Launched a Market of Private Phytosanitary Laboratories

Policy Win: The Government Launched a Market of Private Phytosanitary Laboratories

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the Government's decision to abolish the state monopoly on the phytosanitary control market and allow private phytosanitary laboratories to carry out phytosanitary assessment for export operations. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution #1177 “Certain Issues of Implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Plant Quarantine” approved by the Government on November 15, 2019, was officially published.

Resolution #1177 aims at harmonization of Ukraine’s legislation with the legislation of the EU in the field of phytosanitary control. It envisages the introduction of international practice of involving the private sector in the provision of sampling services for phytosanitary examination and its implementation. From now on, the cargo owner will be able to choose a phytosanitary laboratory – of state or private ownership form.

Implementation of Resolution #1177 will improve the quality of phytosanitary examination, since involvement of the private sector in phytosanitary procedures is expected to create competitive conditions on the market as well as reduce the workload of the state phytosanitary laboratories. The increase in the efficiency and quality of phytosanitary procedures will in turn increase the investment attractiveness of agrarian businesses in Ukraine.

Chamber Agricultural, Seeds, and Food & Beverage Committees have been continuously advocating for an access of private phytosanitary laboratories to the Ukrainian market. This mechanism creates competitive conditions for laboratory research through the authorization of private laboratories. We are looking forward to successful implementation of this government Resolution and will be closely monitoring it.

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