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Policy Win: The Energy Regulator Launched Daily Balancing on the Natural Gas Market

Policy Win: The Energy Regulator Launched Daily Balancing on the Natural Gas Market

On March 1, the natural gas market of Ukraine finally started to work within the daily balancing regime. The daily balancing was introduced by Resolution #1437 dated December 27, 2017 of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NERC, Regulator). However, the launch of this reform was postponed several times.

So, the Chamber supported the necessity to establish the daily balancing and continuously emphasized on the importance of this initiative in Chamber Position Papers addressed to the NERC, Ukrtransgaz, Naftogaz and the Government of Ukraine. Introduction of daily balancing was also supported in the second and third editions of the Chamber White Paper "Reforms on Oil & Gas Sector of Ukraine" for elimination of gas imbalance of suppliers, creation of a liquid daily market, decrease of financial risks for gas transmission services’ customers, and development of trading platform and electronic technologies for the real time balancing.

Chamber Members actively discussed challenges and possible ways to accelerate the launch of the daily balancing during Chamber Members’ meeting with representatives of Naftogaz of UkraineUkrtransgaz, and Regulator.

We are grateful to the Regulator for championing this long-awaited decision. We would like to thank Ukrtransgaz and Naftogaz of Ukraine for their continuous efforts towards practical implementation of the daily balancing as well as Chamber Member Companies for the solid support of this initiative.

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