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Welcome to the Chamber!

I am delighted to welcome you at the Chamber and invite you to explore a wide range of our projects and use various opportunities for your business. We are internationally oriented business community – the most active and effective in Ukraine. We represent leading business leaders and experts of 600+ member organizations – the biggest investors and largest multinationals operating in Ukraine which contribute greatly to the state budget and creating opportunities for people in Ukraine to realize their potential. Being a non-governmental member-funded non-profit organization, it is without a doubt our members are in the spotlight of all Chamber endeavors.

How to Apply


Fill in and submit the application form

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Get follow up from the Chamber Team

Be ready to provide additional information or references on company’s activities


The applications are submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration

The Board of Directors reviews applications once a month during Board Meeting


Receive an invoice and pay Membership dues

If the application is approved by the Board of Directors a Welcome Letter and invoice for Membership dues will be provided


Welcome to the Chamber Family

Once an invoice is paid, new members will have an access to all Chamber membership benefits


If the application is not approved, the applicant will be informed as soon as decision is taken


Corporate «A»

$3.900 / year

Organization with more than 100 employees worldwide
Corporate «B»

$2.500 / year

Organization with between 20 and 99 employees worldwide
Corporate «C»

$1.700 / year

Organization with less than 19 employees worldwide
Donor Funded

$1.500 / year

Educational Institutions

$750 / year

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Корпорація А
Організація з більш ніж 100 співробітників по всьому світу
$3,200 / рік
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