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Policy Progress: Parliament Passed the Draft Law #5547 “On Medicines” in the First Reading

Policy Progress: Parliament Passed the Draft Law #5547 “On Medicines” in the First Reading

On September 9, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed Draft Law #5547 “On Medicines” (Draft Law) in the first reading. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine sees the need for a qualitative update of the legislation in healthcare sphere, in order to adapt it to the regulation of the European Union (EU) and to make conceptual changes that will improve the regulation of the pharmaceutical market.

Draft Law covers key aspects of the healthcare sphere, including those that seek to bring the regulatory system of Ukraine, the pharmaceutical market, and the mechanisms of access to medicines for patients closer to EU norms and standards, with appropriate revision of the relevant provisions.

The Chamber, together with other business associations, has shaped a joint position on the conceptual aspects of the Draft Law, actively cooperates with the Parliamentary Committee on National Health, Medical Care, and Health Insurance (Committee) to find appropriate, balanced solutions on all issues.

The Chamber member companies’ experts will continue to provide the necessary expert assistance. The Chamber also hopes that agreed amendments will be included in the Draft Law and balanced solutions will be reached on other conceptual comments from the business community as a result of the fruitful dialogue with the Committee

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