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Policy Win: Parliament Adopted Draft Law #2655 on Cloud Services

Policy Win: Parliament Adopted Draft Law #2655 on Cloud Services

AmCham Ukraine welcomes the adoption of Draft Law #2655 “On Cloud Services” in the second reading.

Draft Law is aimed at establishing conditions for processing and protection of data while using cloud computing technology, providing cloud services, and identifying features of using cloud services by state authorities, as well as more efficient use of public resources by implementing new technologies. The Draft Law envisages the introduction of the Cloud First principle (transfer of the main production processes of IT servers to the “clouds”), which will stimulate the arrival of the world's largest cloud service vendors to build large-scale data centers in Ukraine. AmCham Ukraine has constantly supported adoption of this Draft Law and will continue to provide its support during the implementation process.

Adoption of the Draft Law is one of the key steps for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union’s Digital Single Market.

We look forward to the soonest signing of this Draft Law by the President of Ukraine and its further successful implementation.

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