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Policy Win: eQueue was Extended to Other Cargo Checkpoints

Policy Win: eQueue was Extended to Other Cargo Checkpoints

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the decision adopted by the Government of Ukraine regarding the extension of the electronic queue (eQueue) to 15 checkpoints in addition to the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint already operating under this system.

Since December of last year, more than 75 thousand trucks have crossed the border of Ukraine using the eQueue system only at one Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint. Extending the operation of eQueue to other cargo checkpoints will allow organizing queues management in front of international checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine for road transport, will optimize the time spent in queues, and reduce the cost of transporting goods.

AmCham Ukraine member companies officially appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine with the mentioned initiative and express gratitude for considering the position of the business community, constant support and close cooperation.

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