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Policy Win: Amendments to the Rules of Product Labeling has been Published

Policy Win: Amendments to the Rules of Product Labeling has been Published

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the decision of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture to amend Order #914 on application of SI units labeling system.

The Ministry’s Order #1176 "On Amendments to Paragraph 1 of the Rules on Using Units of Measurement and Spelling of Names, Designation Units and Symbol Values" has been published and is effective since July 17, 2020.

Amendments to paragraph 1 of the Rules, initially approved by Order #914, ensure consistency with legislative requirements on product labeling and comply with aspirations of Ukraine to remove technical barriers in trade with the European Union, so the products made in Ukraine can freely enter the EU market and vice versa.

Order #1176 implies that the international designation of units of measurement is applied to the labeling of products available on the Ukrainian market (using the Latin or Greek alphabets). At the same time, Ukrainian unit designations (using the letters of the Ukrainian alphabet) may be used on the labeling, unless otherwise provided by law. Also, the business entities have discretion to make a decision on the sequence of unit designations.

AmCham Ukraine has been continuously driving this initiative by arranging a number of meetings with Ministry’s representatives, addressing respective requests to responsible stakeholders as well as taking every opportunity to deliver the business community’s position on the issue. We are grateful to the Ministry for its readiness to hear the voice of business and fruitful cooperation.

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