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Policy Win: The Government Unlocked the Registration of Disinfectants

Policy Win: The Government Unlocked the Registration of Disinfectants

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the Government's decision to unlock the registration of disinfectants. Respective Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendment of p.4 of the Procedure of State Registration (Re-Registration) of Disinfectants” was adopted at the Government’s meeting on March 25, 2020.

Experts of the Chamber Consumer Goods and Seeds Committees have been actively participating in the process of finalization of Resolution and continuously stressed on the importance of its adoption. In respective Chamber letters and during meetings with state officials we highlighted that amendments to the procedure of disinfectants’ registration are of high importance, in particular for the period of implementation of measures on preventing the occurrence and spread of COVID-19.

Business community considers amending p. 4 of CMU Resolution #178 of March 14, 2018 “On Amendments to the Procedure for State Registration (Re-registration) of Disinfectants" to be a crucial step towards restoring the mechanism of state registration (re-registration) of disinfectants and due implementation of the above Resolution as was continuously advocated by the Chamber.

Proposed amendments extend the possibility of disinfectants’ registration on the basis of the positive conclusions of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise after entry into force of the mentioned Resolution, but before adopting the new procedures for the examination of specific activity, safety, quality (effectiveness) of disinfectants and their testing which are being developed by the Ministry of Health.

We are looking forward to successful implementation of this CMU Resolution and will be closely monitoring this process.

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