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Policy Win: The Cabinet of Ministers Adopted Resolution on Managed Entry Agreements

Policy Win: The Cabinet of Ministers Adopted Resolution on Managed Entry Agreements

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (the Chamber) welcomes the adoption of the Resolution by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #61 "On Some Questions on Managed Entry Agreements and Termination of Paragraph 1 of p.12 of the Resolution of Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine dated March 25, 2009 #333" (Resolution).

The Managed Entry Agreements (MEA) implementation will allow:

  • to agree the appropriate procurement conditions for innovative medicines and secure the early access to effective treatment for patients;
  • to minimize the impact on the allocated budget in case of the clinical or economic uncertainty of the medicines due to the results of state health technology assessment;
  • to attract more manufacturers of innovative medicines in Ukraine for provision of lifesaving treatment.

MEA may also help to use state funds more effectively taking into account  the cost-effectiveness of the medicines.

The Chamber Healthcare Committee’s experts were actively engaged in the development of this CMU Resolution, in particular provided quality expertise, engaging national and international experts, provided proposals and comments for the settlement of certain Resolution’s provisions.

The Chamber has been continuously supporting the MEA implementation in Ukraine and will continue to provide expertise to transform Ukraine's healthcare system.

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