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Policy Win: Parliament Adopted Draft Law #3637 "On Virtual Assets" with President's Proposals

Policy Win: Parliament Adopted Draft Law #3637

AmCham Ukraine welcomes the adoption of Draft Law #3637 “On Virtual Assets” (Draft Law) with proposals of the President of Ukraine.

Draft Law defines the principles of state policy in the field of virtual assets as well as the participants' rights and obligations on the virtual assets market. Adoption of the Draft Law will provide an opportunity for the development of crypto-business in Ukraine, solve many issues related to the lack of legal regulation of relations arising in the process of creation, emission, and circulation of virtual assets. It will facilitate further integration of the Ukrainian virtual assets market into the European and global economic community. According to the President's proposals, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission will regulate the virtual assets market, as was recommended by Chamber member companies’ experts.

AmCham Ukraine is grateful to the Members of Parliament for adopting this Draft Law with the proposals of the business community and member companies’ experts for professional support during the drafting process.

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