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The Government Introduced Additional Amendments to Its Resolution on Measures to Contain COVID-19

The Government Introduced Additional Amendments to Its Resolution on Measures to Contain COVID-19

On April 8, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved additional amendments to CMU Resolution #211 on restrictive measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, taking into account certain Chamber proposals.

This step is expected to contribute to making the quarantine regulation for business more efficient. According to the new wording of the Resolution:

  1. The list of businesses permitted to continue operations during quarantine was expanded with the following:
  • dry cleaning services
  • postal services & delivery
  • construction work
  • collection & storage of waste
  1. Mandatory requirements to self-isolation for people over 60 years old do not apply to persons engaged in supporting the operations of companies:
  • conducting the activity or providing services in the following industries: energy, chemical, petrochemical, machine building, mining and metallurgy, transport, information & communication technologies, electronic communications, banking & financial sectors, defense industry
  • having a continuous industrial cycle
  • providing citizens with life support services including water supply & sanitation, supply of electricity & gas, manufacturing of food products, agriculture, healthcare
  • in the sphere of public utilities, emergency & rescue services
  • included to the list of strategically significant enterprises for national economy and security
  • having potentially dangerous technologies

Please follow the link to see additional СMU clarification on quarantine restrictions for citizens over 60 years old.

All abovementioned amendments enter into force from the moment of official publication.

The Chamber is grateful to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine for continuous cooperation and support of the business community.

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