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Policy Progress: The Chamber Proposals Were Included into Updated Draft Law #2693-d “On Media”

Policy Progress: The Chamber Proposals Were Included into Updated Draft Law #2693-d “On Media”

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the inclusion of the Chamber member companies’ proposals to the updated Draft Law #2693-d “On Media” that was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the group of MPs on July 2, 2020.

The following proposals were taken into account:

  • Gradual implementation of the quota of Ukrainian language in the packages of providers and in domestic catalogs for order (video-on-demand);
  • Bureaucratic procedures for obtaining rental licenses for film screenings have been abolished, a liberal model of a public film register has been introduced instead;
  • The must-carry programs list that are mandatory for all providers has been adjusted, in particular, taking into account the technology used;
  • Transparency of information of the number of providers’ subscribers has been introduced. It is an important step in protecting the content owners’ rights;
  • It is taken into account that audiovisual service providers do not control the content and the responsibility of service providers for the content of programs is excluded;
  • The issue of broadcasting content that may be harmful to minors is regulated in accordance with the EU Directive;
  • Numerous editorial changes are taken into account.

In case of adoption, these amendments may have the following positive effect on businesses:

  • Establishing equal rules for all media regardless of technology and types: television, online media, printed media, etc.;
  • Strengthening the regulatory function: the ability to respond quickly to violations, in particular in regard to fight against piracy;
  • Possibility of the appearance of thematic TV channels in Ukraine, which increases the competitiveness of domestic media.

The Chamber welcomes the inclusion of its members’ proposals and supports the further improvement of the regulation in the media sphere.

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