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Policy Win: The Parliament Adopted Draft Law #3014 on Electronic Communications

Policy Win: The Parliament Adopted Draft Law #3014 on Electronic Communications

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the adoption of the Draft Law #3014 “On Electronic Communications” by the Parliament.

The Draft Law was developed with the aim to replace currently acting Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications” dated November 18, 2003 and to implement the provisions of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The Draft Law #3014 creates opportunities for the development of telecom sector in Ukraine and, in particular, foresees the following:

  • Concept of technological neutrality
  • Possibility of transfer, rent, and joint usage of the radio frequency spectrum by market participants
  • Mechanism of the joint usage of infrastructure by operators
  • Establishment of the rental fee for the usage of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine exclusively on the basis of the fixed methodology for calculating the amount of such payment
  • New definition of the fixed connection and no restrictions on the usage of the numbering resource on a technological basis
  • Broadened rights of the Regulator to control and prosecute the illegally operating electronic devices
  • Procedure for conducting tenders for the acquisition of the right to use the radio frequency resource is defined in detail and in line  with the European Electronic Communications Code

Moreover, the Draft Law will enable to significantly improve the quality of telecommunication services and their accessibility to customers, implement the state strategy for digitalization of the country, and contribute to Ukraine’s integration into the Digital Single Market of the EU.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is grateful to Members of Parliament for their support and adoption of Draft Law #3014 “On Electronic Communications”.

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