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Policy Progress: The Parliament Voted for Further Improvement of Draft Law #2207-1 on Waste Management

Policy Progress: The Parliament Voted for Further Improvement of Draft Law #2207-1 on Waste Management

We would like to inform you that during the ad-hoc plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on May 13, 2020, the Members of Parliament considered three Draft Laws in the sphere of waste management and voted for further improvement of Draft Law #2207-1. Also, Draft Laws #2207 and #2207-2 were withdrawn.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine has been continuously advocating the creation of proper legislation on waste management compliant with the National Waste Management Strategy of Ukraine by 2030 as well as European regulations.

Thus, the business community supports the registered text of Draft Law #2207-1, which is a basis for the development of full-scale legislation in this sphere, including special legislation for sector-specific types of waste: batteries and accumulators, electronic equipment waste, packaging waste, medical waste, etc. It defines the main directions of the state waste management policy based on the respective EU Directive #2008/98/EU and its key principles:

  • Waste “Hierarchy” – preventing waste (eco-design), preparing for re-use, recycling (return to manufacturing cycle), and last of all – disposal;
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – responsibility of producers and importers for managing the post-consumer stage of products lifecycle;
  • Long-term planning for waste management on the national, regional as well as local levels;
  • Introduction of the information system to ensure efficient state control.

Following the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management (hereinafter – the Committee), Members of Parliament voted for further improvement of Draft Law #2207-1 withing the profile Committee. After that, according to the procedure, the updated version of the Draft Law will be reconsidered by the Parliament in the 1st reading.

At the same time, the abovementioned core principles should not be distorted while improving Draft Law #2207-1 in the Committee. To ensure that, the Chamber is going to address the Committee with the business community’s position on this matter, based on the previously submitted positions.

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