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About Us

We are the largest AmCham Office in Europe, part of a strong global network
We speak for the biggest U.S. & international investors
We represent companies who have invested over $50bn in Ukraine and who remain committed to the country
We care about our members and employ the best people to support them
We advocate for the betterment of the business climate, working closely with Ukrainian and U.S. Government officials
We are selective in who can become a member
We know how to achieve results with full regulatory compliance
We help companies to grow, promote their services and brands
We promote Ukraine as an investment destination
We have been serving our members in Ukraine since 1992

Welcome to the Chamber

“There is one reason why we are here - this is about members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.
And it is a privilege for us to serve you and help your business grow in Ukraine, together with you making Ukraine a better place to do business”,
AmCham Ukraine President Andy Hunder addressed over 400 guests at the Annual Members Appreciation Reception.

February 6, 2020, Kyiv

We are entering 2020 with cautious optimism. Our focus for 2020 remains unchanged – to advocate for rule of law, protection of investor property rights, sanctity of contracts entered into by the state, independence of Ukraine’s central bank, continuation of structural reforms and much more, while serving the needs of our members investing in Ukraine, creating jobs, paying taxes, bringing new technologies, world-class business practices and global partnerships.
Lenna Koszarny Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Capital
After the success of 2019, we believe that the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine will continue to improve, and we see material opportunities for our clients to continue to invest and grow their businesses in Ukraine and abroad. We are looking forward to offering new solutions to our clients and facilitating new investments into this dynamically growing market and helping our clients and the Ukrainian economy to grow in 2020.
Alex McWhorter Managing Director, Citibank
As we are approaching the end of 2019, there are many reasons to be pleased about EBRD’s results in 2019 and optimistic about our plans in 2020. We plan to conclude the year with record investments of USD 1.2bn in about 50 transactions. Our pipeline for 2020 is strong and there are favorable conditions for further engagement in the improvement of the investment climate alongside our public and private partners.
Matteo Patrone Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Looking forward to forthcoming 2020, I am confident that the Ukrainian business community will continue to stay resilient and see exciting growth opportunities in the future despite the complex, volatile and increasingly uncertain environment. I am convinced that with joint efforts ACC member companies will achieve the most ambitious goals resulting in the sustainable economic development of Ukraine.
Andriy Tsymbal Managing Partner, KPMG Ukraine
We enter 2020 with an already operational Anti-Corruption Court, lively discussions on improvement of the whole court system, gradually crystallizing borders of what should and can be done with the land market, difficult energy-related developments but obvious achievements in energy independence - definitely we are a very active crowd seeking better solutions and their efficient implementation. Are these factors not adding to your already optimistic expectations for 2020? They are for sure! Happy New Year!
Serhiy Chorny Head of Representative Office in Ukraine, Managing Partner, Baker McKenzie
Being one of the largest investors in Ukraine we see a lot of potential in the country and people and plan to bring more feel-good moments to our clients. We are starting 2020 with a strong belief that Ukraine is progressing with all the changes around. We are ready to share our best practices in a variety of areas like food safety, people practices, integrity and compliance to contribute to Ukrainians prosperity growth.
Yuliya Badritdinova Managing Director, McDonald’s Ukraine
I start the new decade with optimism that Ukraine's economy will become truly independent and competitive, that Ukraine will prevail against Russia's war, and that independent news media will command greater respect and support.
Brian Bonner Chief Editor & CEO, Kyiv Post
Every year's success brings us closer to the big dream of the Coca-Cola Company – To Refresh the world and Make a difference. We look into 2020 with a big optimism and our way is defined by Our vision – to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body and spirit. We also passionate about creating a more sustainable business and make a difference in people’s lives and communities. We are proudly driving these positive changes in Ukraine.
Kamran Iskandarov General Manager, Ukraine&Moldova, Coca-Cola Ukraine
2019 has been a challenging yet great year, and we are looking into 2020 with optimism remaining a leading provider of connectivity and internet services to more than 26 million customers in Ukraine and further transforming business from telco to digital. I wish peace and prosperity to Ukraine and to all of us who contribute to people’s well-being by providing quality goods and services, paying taxes and creating workplaces. Happy New 2020 Year!
Oleksandr Komarov CEO, Kyivstar
2019 has been another year of growth, strengthening confidence and optimism. I’m looking forward to 2020 and believe it will bring new great opportunities for business and country development. Happy to join AmCham Board and wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Chamber employees and members who are playing a vital role in shaping the positive and transparent business environment in Ukraine.
Dmytro Kyselov General Director, Procter & Gamble Ukraine
2020 is not just the start of a new year, it is the end of the decade. As the decade comes to a close, Ukraine has a new president, a new political party with an overall majority in parliament, also new, and whose mission is to deliver real change and modernization. There have indeed been dark times over the last decades and now we have every reason to believe that the sacrifices, courage and determination of Ukrainians will result in the nation moving towards its potential.
Alastair McBain Chairman of the Board of Directors, Geo Alliance Group
We are planning to grow our business in 2020: which is also became possible thanks to the balanced regulation of the brewing industry. With the strong help of the Chamber, the brewers have managed to establish a professional and transparent dialogue with the state authorities, - an important benefit to be an ACC member.
Evgeny Shevchenko Managing Director, Carlsberg Ukraine
Ukraine is changing massively. I compare my first coming here in 2014 actually in the spike of the very complex geopolitical situation and coming here now, five years later. I see the dramatic changes that happened with the growth of the country, with the smiles on the faces of the people, what makes one of the big observation I have about Ukrainians – you are very resilient to the challenges you face and take it with a smile and the optimistic look forward. For 2020 our task is to continue attracting, retaining and developing best talents who can take care of our dynamically growing business.
Marek Tomalak General Manager, PepsiCo Ukraine
We are living exciting times, Worldwide and in Ukraine! The agriculture field is going through one of the most significant transformations in its history. Changing consumer’s habits, more complex Global challenges, change of the technologies applied in the industry, digitalization, these are all trends that will impact all of us. Ukraine is a well positioned to address or play a significant role in all these aspects and we, at Cargill, will continue to be part of that!
Vasile Varvaroi Regional Lead, Cargill AT
2019 has been extraordinary for Ukraine. Monumental change in the political landscape was followed but the rapid advance of an agenda of reforms, upwards revision of economic forecasts, a renewed commitment by international lenders and – not least at all - Ukraine going through to the Euro 2020 finals as first in their group. My wish for 2020 is that we continue to make the best of the positive momentum and use the leverage of the chamber to improve the quality of life for people in Ukraine!
Martin Werschlan General Manager, Roche Ukraine
May this 2020 all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Be inspired by thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and shapers of the future. From all of us at Oracle, wishing you, your family and your business a prosperous New Year!
Serhii Yanchyshyn Country Leader, Oracle

Our Mission


Business to Government

Driving actionable dialogue between Business and Government

Business to Business

Continuously creating opportunities for Business to Business Partnership

Business to Ukraine

Promoting Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination

Our Values


We act with honesty without compromising high moral standards we set for ourselves


We comply with the laws of Ukraine and do not assist any third party in violating any law of Ukraine


We strive for excellence in everything we do


We are open and consistent in our actions which match our values


We serve our Members for their benefit and for the benefit of the country we operate in


We are committed to deliver great service and excellent results

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