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Human Capital

Policy Progress: Government Improved Procedure for Booking of Conscripts

Policy Progress: Government Improved Procedure for Booking of Conscripts

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decision to amend Resolution #76, which regulates the issues of booking of conscripts for the period of mobilization and martial law.

Changes adopted by the Government include the following:

  • single social contribution amounts will henceforth be taken into account in one of the criteria for determining the enterprise as critical
  • clear deadlines are set for state authorities to consider appeals from enterprises to determine their critical importance
  • the list of areas, which employees can be booked, is expanded and now includes veterinary medicine enterprises

Experts of AmCham Ukraine Human Capital Committee have consistently emphasized on the necessity of amending the procedure for booking of persons liable for military service and the criteria for determining enterprises, institutions and organizations that are critical for the functioning of the economy, and therefore welcome this step of the Government. We hope that the adoption of the respective amendments will have a positive impact on doing business in Ukraine and provide a clear and transparent process for resolving the issues related to booking of conscripts.

We would like to thank Yulia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy of Ukraine and Ihor Fomenko, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine for cooperation and continuous dialogue with the business community.

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