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#biz4Ukraine – Driving Humanitarian Response

#biz4Ukraine – Driving Humanitarian Response

It's over five months of the heroic battle of Ukrainians against terrorism, atrocities, and lies of Russia's brutal war launched against Ukraine. Lionhearted Ukrainians lead Ukraine to victory, and the business community is among them. Business is united, resilient, and fighting for Ukraine's future and freedom by defending, volunteering, and supporting Ukraine – a great country where we all live and work in. This brings us closer to victory day by day.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine launched #biz4Ukraine Project to highlight the tremendous efforts of the business community united by AmCham Ukraine in supporting the humanitarian drive and brave Ukrainians. This special platform helps us share the good deeds of the business community and provide an opportunity to communicate in times of geopolitical uncertainty. The goodness of AmCham Ukraine member companies deserves the highest recognition.

Following russia's invasion of Ukraine, the business community in the U.S. is mobilizing their expertise, capabilities, and community resources to assist with the humanitarian relief efforts. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Corporate Citizenship Center is tracking the corporate response – now totaling more than $1.06 billion – as businesses announce the ways in which they are supporting the crisis in Ukraine.

3M Ukraine

3M donated USD 1.128 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 400,000 N95 respirators intended for shipment to Ukraine via Direct Relief. The employee contributions are on top of 3Mgives' commitment of at least USD 376,000 through GlobalGiving's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Microsite+E25s and the heartfelt direct donations of housing money and personal goods 3Mers have sent to colleagues in Ukraine.

Abbott Ukraine LLC

Abbot donated USD 5.75 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. With help from partner organizations, Abbott continues to evaluate Ukrainians' on-the-ground health needs and has expanded previously announced humanitarian relief efforts.

AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals GmbH

AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals donated USD 1 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. AbbVie donated essential medicines to the Ukrainian government and disaster relief partners.


ADM took a very active approach to help Ukraine and Ukrainians from the very first days of the war, and there is continuous support in place. The total value of monetary and in-kind support from ADM exceeded USD7.5M and this number is still growing. ADM remains committed to continuing the support to Ukrainians in their rightful stance against aggression, hand in hand with the world’s democratic societies.

BASF Ukraine

To support people in Ukraine, who suffered from Russia’s invasion, BASF has provided EUR 1 million in emergency aid to the German Red Cross. BASF has organized the largest BASF global employee donation campaign – supporting  Ukrainian colleagues with more than €2.1 million. BASF is doubling this amount in support of Ukrainian refugees, bringing the total from the employee donation campaign to EUR 4.2 million to the UN Humanitarian Relief fund for Ukraine. By far this is the highest result of an employee donation campaign in BASF's history.

To support Ukrainian farmers and contribute to global food security BASF supported BORSCH initiative and donated seeds for Ukraine: 240,000 farming families benefit from a vegetable seeds donation by the company. In addition, company provided sunflower seeds for free to farmers in the Sumy and Chernihiv region, covering an area of 10,000 ha., which makes the production of more than 4 million liters of sunflower oil possible.


Bayer provided around 10 million euros to support Ukraine. First, the company allocated 3 million euros, 30,000 doses of antibiotics and 1 tonne of sterile medical items. Later, several charities and healthcare establishments received medicines and vitamins, clothes, towels, power banks, and funds for hygiene items and food. Over 1250 small-scale farmers in 17 regions received around 26,000 bags of corn seeds.

Bayer employees globally donated over 1 million euros. European employees supported by the company are providing housing and organizing volunteer campaigns to help Ukrainian refugees.

Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH&Co KG, Representative office in Ukraine

Boehringer Ingelheim donated USD 5 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company is working closely with NGO partners Direct Relief, Americares and MAP International to identify where Boehringer Ingelheim medicines are needed most. BI Cares has donated more than 14,000 units of Boehringer Ingelheim respiratory and chronic disease medications, as identified for an immediate need by in-country partners, including Kharkiv City Council and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Carlsberg Ukraine

Carlsberg Group decided to seek full disposal of business in Russia and donated 75 million Danish kroner to help Ukraine. Carlsberg Ukraine delivered more than 1.5 million liters of drinking water to the regions that need it most. The company continues to provide financial support to charity organizations in Kyiv, Lviv, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, and other country regions to support humanitarian initiatives. Financial aid aims to provide the population with food, medicine, hygiene products, clothing, etc. Carlsberg Ukraine has already restarted two of the three breweries in Lviv and Kyiv.

Corteva Agriscience

Corteva is convinced that respect for human life is the highest value, and was one of the first to condemn the large-scale war started by russia against Ukraine and to withdraw from the russian market and, having already suspended new sales, initiated a plan to stop all production and commercial activities in russia. As a sign of support for Ukrainians, Corteva is actively involved in helping victims and evacuees, taking care of life and food security, and providing funding for charitable and humanitarian projects in these areas: assistance to the elderly, assistance to people with disabilities, assistance to the Mykolayiv City Ambulance Hospital, assistance to victims in the liberated territories, "Victory Gardens" initiative, GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, Global FoodВanking Network, Supply of medicines from abroad, volunteer initiatives of employees.


Danone-Ukraine had donated 1,000 tons of dairy products to charity. We have already overcome it and are moving towards new figures. We have achieved this figure cumulatively, carrying out charitable donations of products from the first days of the war in different regions of our country. And in general, this is not a new direction for us. We used to support socially vulnerable people with our products. What has changed now is the scale and geography.

Apart from dairy products, we donate charitable specialized nutrition (baby and clinical nutrition), which has so far been requested by 26 medical institutions in Ukraine. In Poltava region, which is our home region, we additionally support a number of educational institutions - orphanages, boarding schools and boarding schools for children with psycho-neurological disorders.

Dila Medical Laboratory

Dila re-transfers UAH 10 from each order to the "Return Alive" Charitable Organization. The company also performs free research for Kyiv and Odesa military hospitals as needed.

Discovery Life Sciences

Discovery Life Sciences donated to three organizations for UKRAINE support: ICRC, UNICEF, and Doctors without borders. Additionally to the corporate donations, the campaign has been launched for all employees globally, where the Discovery Life Sciences "3X match for each employee cash donation".

Dobrobut Medical Network

To take care of the survivors of the occupation, Dobrobut Medical Network, and KSE Foundation launched the raising of funds for a new mobile medical center. A mobile medical center and a team of Dobrobut doctors will arrive in towns and villages of Ukraine, which are liberated from the Russians, and will provide all the necessary assistance to the locals.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories LLC

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories donated USD 528 thousand for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Medicinal products provided as humanitarian aid by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories addressed emerging challenges and critical needs of medical help provision to Ukrainian people, including antibiotics, analgetics, antipyretics, oncology medicines, and other medicinal products, defined as unmet needs by Ukrainian Ministry of Health and other humanitarian aid recipients.

Eli Lilly Vostok S.A.

Lilly donated USD 8 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Lilly is donating USD 7.5 million of insulin to Project HOPE, a U.S. nonprofit organization. Lilly is also facilitating a USD 1.8 million supply of baricitinib, used to treat complications of COVID-19, for Direct Relief. The Lilly Foundation is also making two equal monetary contributions totaling USD 500,000 to Direct Relief and Americares to support their respective relief efforts in the region.

Eterna Law

In collaboration with a number of leading law firms from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Austria, and Turkey, ETERNA LAW has launched a legal assistance program with the forced relocation of businesses and individuals to these countries. Services for individuals are provided pro bono (free of charge), while services for legal entities are provided on a commercial basis.


EVERLEGAL announced the launch of a pro bono business legal support program to help businesses in Ukraine with legal challenges. The Pro Bono Business Legal Support Program includes advice on: issues of humanitarian aid/aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, customs issues, rent and real estate issues, force majeure and performance of contracts, destruction of property and insured events, payment of salary and taxes, mobilisation of employees, other employment issues, corporate and commercial issues, latest news and legislation overviews.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ukraine

GSK donated USD 4.64 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Through ViiV Healthcare, the company is making available significant donations of anti-retroviral medicines to the WHO, national AIDS programs, and NGO partners to support children and adults living with HIV. ViiV has also made an initial £200,000 in emergency funds available to existing partners through the GSK Positive Action program.


Grammarly has donated all of the net revenue earned from Russia and Belarus since the war started in 2014 through 2022 to causes supporting Ukraine—totaling $5 million. The company has also suspended service in Russia and Belarus. Additionally, Grammarly created a web page with linked resources and added an in-product suggestion that users see when writing about Ukraine, offering a variety of ways everyone can #StandWithUkraine.  


Intellias has raised almost UAH 600,000 for the needs of the Ukrainian military. These funds were transferred to Return Alive Charitable Foundation to purchase quadcopters. The funds were raised on an internal platform for charitable contributions, called IntelliShare. Specialists donated smarts — the internal currency at Intellias — which were immediately converted into hryvnias.

Johnson & Johnson Ukraine LLC

Johnson&Johnson donated USD 10 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company launched an unlimited matching program for its global employees with Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Kimberly Clark

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Kimberly-Clark has been partnering with several leading international and local humanitarian organizations to meet the needs of local communities, internally displaced persons, and Ukrainian refugees abroad, both through financial support and in-kind donations of essential personal care and hygiene products totaling over $1 million globally.


KRKA donated USD 210 thousand for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company continues the project "Protect blood vessels - save the heart", which allows patients to receive the treatment of cardiovascular diseases they need at an affordable price.

Kyivstar JSC

Kyivstar has donated UAH 5 million to Caritas Ukraine. Charitable funds were provided for the humanitarian needs of forcibly displaced Ukrainians who suffered from the war. To support customers who need communication and access to vital information, Kyivstar provides free Internet access in 1,000 bomb shelters throughout Ukraine. This service is available in such cities as Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv, Dnipro, Obukhiv, Khmelnytsky, Belgorod-Dniester, Chernivtsi, Zaporizhia, Lutsk, Mykolaiv, and many others.


Lactalis UKRAINE supports the local populations by collecting water in Mykolaiv, distributing products for free for more than 500k Euros, and providing accommodations for the displaced people.

Mars Ukraine

Mars Inc. donated $12 million for humanitarian needs in Ukraine. In addition to this aid, Mars Ukraine continues to donate chocolate products to Ukrainians and pet food to the biggest pet shelter of Ukraine.

Medtronic Ukraine LLC

Medtronic donated USD 4.5 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company provided financial and humanitarian assistance to the State Emergency Service of UAH 1 million. Among the implemented projects are the donation of renal care and surgical products and medication according to the requested list of the Ministry of Health.

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine Ltd.

From the beginning of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, our local METRO team has continued to work for the future of our country!

Dozens of goods from the range of METRO Stores are donated every day to support 66 military units for Armed Forces of Ukraine, 55 units of Territory Defense, 21 hospitals, 69 non-profitable organisations, 11 animal shelters. METRO Ukraine provides products for daily preparation of hot meals for more than 66 social HoReCa-clients.

The company actively supports the Humanitarian Headquarter at the Office of the President of Ukraine, National Police of Ukraine, State Service of Ukraine for emergencies, Military, City and District Administrations.

Within the period of February 24th – June 10th METRO Ukraine has donated 143 tons of Dry food, 69 tons of Fruits and Vegetables, 35 tons of Fresh meat and fish, 25 tons of Dairy products, 22 tons of Personal hygiene and detergents, 14 tons of Nonfood.

METRO Ukraine provided all necessary ammunition to all its employees, who joined Armed Forces of Ukraine or Territory Defense and contributed its 17 corporative cars for the needs of the military.

MSD Ukraine LLC

MSD donated USD 65 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company donated medicines products for the treatment by delivering them to Ukraine and humanitarian partners, including the American Red Cross, Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, and Project HOPE. The company also donated vaccines from MSD Animal Health to farmers in Ukraine to support the continued raising of livestock and food production.

Novo Nordisk A/S

Novo Nordisk A/S donated USD 12.19 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to these inquiries, Novo Nordisk has already delivered aid to 50 hospitals in Ukraine. The cities where the company provided insulin are Kharkiv, Sumy, Kherson, Chernihiv, and liberated towns around the Kyiv region.

OLAM Ukraine

OLAM partners and other Jewish and Israeli organizations are working to deliver funds, food, medical supplies, psychological support, and other much-needed supplies and services to the people of Ukraine, including those who have fled their homes, those who can't escape, and those who have chosen to remain.

PepsiCo Ukraine

PepsiCo has committed nearly USD 14 million in humanitarian relief to Ukraine people and communities. In the interest of securing future food production, PepsiCo is determined to continue to support farmers in Ukraine as they face significant challenges and uncertainty ahead. As potato planting season begins in April, PepsiCo has contracted with Ukrainian farmers to grow 30,000 metric tons of potatoes in the Lviv and Ternopil regions this year.

Philips Ukraine LLC

Royal Philips and non-profit organization the Philips Foundation are providing hospital relief, support for acute and emergency care, financial support, and supplies for displaced Ukrainian citizens, plus a dedicated employee donation program. The Philips Foundation provides a 24-bed mobile hospital equipped with Philips' patient monitors, electrocardiographs, and handheld diagnostic ultrasound devices.

Philip Morris Ukraine

Philip Morris International has provided USD 10 million to support international humanitarian efforts, including purchasing 25 ambulances and an X-ray machine for a children's hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk. PMI colleagues from other offices raised more than USD 500,000 in financial assistance under the "Project with a Heart" internal donation project in 80 countries. Since the beginning of the war, the company has paid UAH 1.4 billion in excise duties, more than half of which is the advance for future periods.

Pfizer Ukraine

Pfizer donated USD 9.5 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The Pfizer Foundation has provided humanitarian grant funding to three organizations working in Ukraine and neighboring countries: The American Red Cross, International Medical Corps, and International Rescue Committee.


PwC donated USD 5.3 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The US firm makes a USD 125,000 donation to the Ukraine Crisis Fund through CARE to provide frontline humanitarian aid and support. The PwC Charitable Foundation will award USD 300,000 in grants to Save the Children and Project Hope, both of which have a long history of working in Ukraine in collaboration with local organizations. Between the firm and the Foundation, PwC has donated USD 425,000 to date to provide frontline humanitarian aid and support.

RB Ukraine (Reckitt Benckiser Household & Healthcare Ukraine)

RB donated USD 1.26 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Roche Ukraine LLC

Roche donated the reagents and consumables for automatic testing of up to 120,000 blood sample testing, 75,000 packages of Rocephin for the Ministry of Health. 26,000 units for diabetes management arrived in Ukraine and another 5,000 units already in the country were donated. After initial shipments in late March, another 75,000 packs of Rocephin, and about 2,000 syringes of the anaemia treatment Recormon were delivered to the World Health Organization's warehouse in Poland.


Sandoz donated USD 28 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. One million packs of antibiotics, painkillers, cardiovascular, and oncology treatments amount to more than USD 25 million in medical aid, mostly from Ukraine warehouses to MoH, City and Regional Administrations, NGOs and Hospitals.

Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine LLC

Sanofi donated USD 27.4 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 300,000 vaccines to support diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations for Ukrainians. 200,000 shots will go to Ukraine, while another 70,000 will go to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Moldova, which are hosting a significant number of Ukrainian refugees.

Schneider Electric Ukraine

Schneider Electric has donated equipment worth 4 million euros to help restore essential energy supplies in Ukraine. The donation was facilitated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as part of the organization's ongoing efforts to identify concrete and practical steps its members can take to support humanitarian needs in Ukraine. With the support of Ukraine's Ministry of Energy, the equipment will be deployed by public and private utilities to help restore electricity to some of the 1.5 million people currently without supply.

Siemens Healthcare LLC

Siemens donated USD 9.9 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Siemens has also developed two new software platforms that Siemens employees can use to provide direct help – in-kind donations and accommodations – to their Ukrainian colleagues. In addition, the Siemens businesses will provide key technical solutions with the value of EUR 3 million as in-kind contributions to maintain or rebuild civil infrastructure.

Shell Retail Ukraine

As part of Shell’s efforts in Ukraine and Poland, the company have pledged nearly $11 million to several humanitarian and aid organisations, including $2 million to the Ukrainian Red Cross, $2 million to Polish Humanitarian Action and $1 million to the Polish Fire Department to send equipment and medical supplies to their colleagues in Ukraine. Around $3million has also been pledged to a number of smaller organisations.

$3 million - to global disaster relief partner, Mercy Corps. Most recently, $30 million has been donated to the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK for their WithUkraine humanitarian aid programme, while another $30 million will be donated to international humanitarian aid organisations that are helping the people of Ukraine.

Takeda Ukraine LLC

Takeda donated USD 2.31 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company will be increasing its humanitarian relief efforts, including monetary and medicine donations to benefit people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The company will continue to assess new ways to provide support to meet the needs of patients across the region.


Teva donated USD 11.91 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Humanitarian aid includes more than 1.3 million packs of antibiotics and other essential medicines and hygiene products for infants and children.


UNI-CERT LLC donated 500 000 UAH to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UNI-CERT has canceled all certificates issued to manufacturers from the Russian Federation and opened the opportunity for free testing of medical devices and personal protective equipment for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the testing laboratory.

Unilever Ukraine LLC

Since the beginning of war, Unilever supplied food, hygiene and personal care products worth of €5 million which were passed to UNICEF, UNHCR and other NGO’s in order to provide Ukrainians with essential goods.

Unilever launched local projects with the support of local partners to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

Company’s’ employees from all over the world have actively supported company-matching program and collected a significant amount of financial aid which exaggerated the amount collected in times of COVID-19.

VF Ukraine, PrJSC

Vodafone supports the initiatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine by providing free access to educational services based on high-speed Internet, expanding opportunities to continue the educational process during hostilities. Services for video conferencing MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Google Meet, and messengers Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Google Classroom are provided to users of Vodafone tariff packages based on the Online PASS service free of charge.

EFI "Viterra Ukraine"

VITERRA Group (in Ukraine represented by Enterprise with foreign investments “VITERRA UKRAINE“ and number of production, storage and transhipment facilities) donated USD 664 000 for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid includes donations of wheat for further processing into flour and bags to distribute it to Ukrainian people in need of humanitarian support, to Ohmatdyt hospital to support orphans, children with disabilities, large families and low-income families with children, to "Save Ukraine" Charity Fund to cover needs of hospitals with medicines, consumables, sanitary and disinfectants. In addition, VITERRA Group in Ukraine donated cars for temporary use by military authorities and police.

We will keep our support to Ukraine and consider on additional humanitarian projects.


Wirex launches crypto-cards to Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war in the EU countries. From April 15, 2022, Ukrainians can use Wirex App without restrictions and receive Wirex debit cards to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies and traditional money. Previously, this product functionality was available only to the EU citizens. Wirex card registration for Ukrainians is free.

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