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Kimberly Clark

Alexander Garbarenko


"A global company that remembers its heritage Kimberly-Clark always has been a company that touched people's lives. Although our size and scale has changed dramatically since 1872, our founders' values still guide us -- manufacturing the best possible products, providing quality service and dealing fairly with employees and customers. Ingrained in our culture is a passion for innovation and leadership. We have invented entire product categories - facial tissue, feminine pads, paper towels, toilet paper on a roll and disposable training pants. Now, 130 years after Kimberly-Clark was founded, our products continue to make a difference in people's lives. Main dates in Kimberly-Clark history: March, 26, 1872 - Kimberly-Clark & Co was founded by Mr. John Kimberly and Mr. Charles Clark ∙ Invented 6 out of the 8 categories in which we compete - 1890 Rolled Toilet Paper - 1907 Towels (Kitchen) on a Roll - 1920 Kotex® Feminine Towels - 1924 Kleenex® Facial Tissue - 1980 Incontinence Products - 1989 Pull-Ups Training Pants - 1995 Kimberly-Clark and Scott Paper merge - 2003 acquired IP Klucze, Poland (Veltie® brand - Family Care) ∙ Transformed into a global consumer products company providing tissue, personal care, professional and health care products ∙ Production facilities in 42 countries and selling in over 150 ∙ Employs 64,000 people Kimberly-Clark - the biggest world Family Care producer. Famous world-wide Kimberly-Clark brands: Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, Dry Nites® - Infant and Child Care ∙ Diapers ∙ Training pants ∙ Wipes Kotex® - Feminine Care ∙ Pads, liners, tampons Kleenex® - Family Care ∙ Bathtissue ∙ Facial tissues and hanks ∙ Table napkins ∙ Paper towels Bobi Absorba - Adult Care ∙ Incontinence products Business to Business hygiene products ∙ Equipment for bathrooms and toilets (bathtissue, paper towels, detergents). ∙ Industrial materials and wiping systems. ∙ Working clothes (protective overalls, caps and mittens). Kimberly-Clark produces high quality goods thanks to constantly used newest technologies. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States, Kimberly-Clark is a leading global health and hygiene company employing more than 60,000 people worldwide. Our operations are located in 37 countries and our brands - which include Huggies®, Kleenex®, Kotex®, Pull-Ups®, Scott, Poise and Depend - are sold in more than 150. Kimberly-Clark brands are used by nearly a quarter of the world's population every day. In 2012, Kimberly-Clark will celebrate its 140th anniversary. The company has been present in Ukraine since 1998. "


Address 2/1, Mykoly Hrinchenka St., Kyiv 03680, Ukraine

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