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Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi


Wirex is a UK-based FCA-licenced FinTech company and a global leader in hybrid finance with offices in London (UK), Atlanta (US), Toronto (Canada), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan). The R&D Center of Wirex is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Wirex is the first payment platform to seamlessly integrate digital and traditional currencies and to support multi-currency accounts, currency transfers, and exchange services. It has more than 3 mln users in 130 countries. The mission of the company is to enable everyone to use a single global platform for traditional and digital assets anytime, anywhere.
Wirex offers B2C and B2B services.
Wirex B2C: Wirex Visa card gives the power to use money the clients way on one borderless payment platform automatically converting 12 digital and traditional currencies and 26 fiat-backed stablecoins.
Wirex B2B is the world’s first unparalleled service for companies working with digital assets providing secure cryptocurrency wallets, corporate bank accounts and instant exchange at over-the-counter/interbank rates on a single global platform.


Address 38, Vasylkivska St., P.O. 22, Kyiv 03022, Ukraine

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