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The committee has been established to define transparent and beneficial mechanisms of interaction and cooperation for the participants of economic activity in Infrastructure sphere and for the state in general.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

Contribute to the re-building and modernization of Ukraine’s vital infrastructure based on international best practices in attracting financing, modern urban architecture and design solutions, and transparent privatization and concession procedures

Priority 2

Facilitate the unblocking of all Ukrainian ports, maintenance of the Black Sea Corridor, and sustainable development of the Danube ports to increase their capacity

Priority 3

Contribute to the operational and uninterrupted operation of automobile checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine and neighboring countries as well as support the expansion and modernization of railway infrastructure at the western border crossings

Responsible Board Member(s)

Mykhaylo Bubnov


Michael Kharenko


Vasile Varvaroi



Oleg Bigdan

Maksym Maksymenko

Serhiy Vovk

Policy Officer(s)

Kseniia Strukova

Junior Policy Officer (Committees)

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