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Food & Beverage

Committee’s activities are devoted to ensuring sustainable development of market-based Food & Beverage industry as a reliable and efficient supplier of quality products both for domestic and international consumers.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

To ensure smooth harmonization of the national legislation and regulations with the EU standards relevant for business operations in food & beverage sector

Priority 2

To facilitate gradual implementation of best international practices in packaging waste management

Priority 3

To drive better regulation for industry ensuring improvement of business doing conditions

Responsible Board Member(s)

Evgeniy Shevchenko



Alexander Bartle

Sergey Movchan

Yuliia Stelmakh

Policy Officer(s)

Yana Pozniakova

Policy Officer (Committees)

Tamila Nasonova

Assistant (Food & Beverage Issues; Retail & E-Commerce Issues)

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