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Banking & Financial Services

The main purpose of the committee is to actively participate in the Ukrainian banking system development and promotion of high-quality banking standards and values as well as support and development of initiatives of the Ukrainian government and local banking association towards establishment of local banking environment harmonized with the best international banking practices.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

Support the development of the better financial climate and macroeconomic stability

Priority 2

Further Liberalization of the Foreign Exchange and Currency Control Rules in Ukraine towards free movement of capital

Priority 3

Facilitation in the development of local capital market with a focus on Creditors/Investors Rights protection, Nominee Concept, Corporate Bonds and Escrow accounts

Responsible Board Member(s)

Alex McWhorter



Roman Diakonchuk

Artem Gerganov

Ihor Olekhov

Policy Officer(s)

Veronika Alieksieienko

Chief Policy Officer (Banking & Financial Issues)

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