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All-Ukrainian Information Campaign on Cashless Payments Promotion Is Launched

All-Ukrainian Information Campaign on Cashless Payments Promotion Is Launched

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine joined the all-Ukrainian information campaign to promote non-cash payments #Cashless, initiated by the National Bank of Ukraine.

The purpose of the campaign is to inform Ukrainians about the benefits and convenience of cashless payments.

As part of the campaign, the National Bank and its partners will share information about current opportunities for widespread use of cashless payments, including how to open a bank account, types of payment cards, online banking, how to make payments and transfers through payment sites and marketplaces using card details and QR code. In addition, they will explain how NFC technology works, how to tokenize a payment card and add it to a smartphone, "smart" watch, or fitness tracker, and remind the primary security rules for non-cash payments.

"Сashless payments are an integral component on the way to digitalization. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is pleased to join the National Bank's information campaign to promote non-cash payments. Implementing country-wide digitalization is one of the highest strategic priorities of AmCham and among our 10 Steps for Ukraine's Economic Recovery and Growth", commented Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

"According to a survey conducted by the National Bank in 2020, 76% of Ukrainians have used a payment card in the last year, but only 21% have used online banking. A significant percentage of citizens, having received a salary, scholarship, or pension on the card, withdraw money from an ATM and pay in cash”, said NBU Deputy Governor Oleksii Shaban.

He added that the elderly population of Ukraine needs the most support in mastering cashless payments, especially in the regions, as this topic requires skills not only in financial but also in digital literacy.

"Therefore, we expect that young people will help the older generation to get acquainted with the nuances of cashless payments and teach them to pay for utilities online and buy online”, said Oleksii Shaban.

Thus, the #Cashless campaign has not only an educational character but also acquires a social orientation.

"The National Bank has consistently pursued a policy aimed at increasing the share of cashless payments. We have a Roadmap for the development of the cashless economy until 2025, which provides for the gradual transition of Ukraine to the cashless economy by stimulating non-cash expenditures, developing non-cash payments infrastructure, reducing cash use, and ensuring the sustainability of payment infrastructure”, highlighted Arsen Makarchuk, Director of the NBU Strategy and Development Department.

"Today, we see a clear trend to increase the number and volume of non-cash payments. Ukrainians increasingly prefer cashless payments. Cashless payments have already become a habit for many Ukrainians, which meets their current needs. At the same time, it is an indicator of both the growth of financial literacy and confidence in payment innovations. We are confident that through the information campaign, citizens of all ages will find answers to all their questions and will use various non-cash payment instruments even more often",  commented Olga Vasylieva, Deputy Head Of Payments Systems and Innovation Development Department of the NBU.

The National Bank is also launching a special webpage (landing) "Cashless" with detailed information about the campaign and non-cash payments for educational purposes.

The #Cashless information campaign will run for three months in all regions of Ukraine with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in partnership with the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the UK Good Governance Fund, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, and Cyberpolice.

The campaign is a continuation of information campaigns on the security of cash payments #AnatomiaHryvnia and counteraction to fraud #ShahraiGoodbye.

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General partners of the #Cashless information campaign: The Deposit Guarantee Fund, PROSTIR, Mastercard, EMA, Cyberpolice, Portmone, Ipay, Kyivstar, Alfa Bank, Eldorado, Foxtrot.

Information partners: PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Ukreximbank, Raiffeisen Bank, UKRGASBANK, PUMB, UKRSIBBANK, OTP Bank, Credit Agricole Bank, Universal Bank, KredoBank, ProCredit Bank, TascomBank, Bank Credit Dnipro, Pravex Bank, Lviv Bank, Globus Bank, Bank Sich, CrystalBank, IndustrialBank, RWS Bank, RadaBank, Bank Clearing House, First Investment Bank, Poltava Bank, Forward Bank, Motor Bank, UKRCONSTINVESTBANK, Bank Ukrainian Capital, Bank ¾, UNEX Bank, Asvio Bank, European Industrial Bank, Policombank, Trust Kapital Bank, Bank Portal, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, European Business Association, All-Ukrainian Association Financial Companies, NovaPay, Ria Money Transfer, UAPAY, Non-governmental organization "VSAD" IT-babusi", Velmart, Velyka Kyshenya, COOP Ukraine, YASNO - supplier of electricity, gas and energy efficiency solutions.

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