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Joint Statement of the Business Community about Latest Events in Ukraine

Joint Statement of the Business Community about Latest Events in Ukraine

The business community united by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and European Business Association are deeply concerned regarding the events taking place around Privat Bank and the former National Bank Governor Valeria Gontareva.

Such situations are sending the wrong message to the business and investment communities and question the safety, justice and rule of law in Ukraine.

The Nationalization of Privatbank in 2016 was an important step to ensure the financial and macroeconomic stability in Ukraine and resulted in the sustainability of the whole banking system.

The business community urges the President, the Government and law enforcement authorities to respond appropriately to such cases, taking into account the principles of fairness, equality and protection of all citizens despite their positions and political views.

Ensuring macroeconomic stability, an independent National Bank and continued cooperation with the International Monetary Fund to ensure sustainable economic growth of Ukraine should also be a key priority for all branches of power.

The European Business Association and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine will continue to support the NBU's efforts in reforming Ukraine's financial sector and closely monitor developments in this area.

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