The committee’s mission is to establish the efficient and predictable regulatory system in order to ensure clear and transparent admission of novel crops and agrochemicals to the agricultural market.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

Advocate for recognition of the equivalence of Ukraine's seed certification system with EU requirements

Priority 2

Unblock import of samples of innovative plant protection products to Ukraine. Adopt amendments to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Pesticides and Agrochemicals" to abolish the restrictions on the importation of samples of the latest pesticides for state testing in the customs territory of Ukraine

Priority 3

Getting involved in the process of initiating necessary legislative amendments mainly to deal with problems of seeds and CPP counterfeit as well as regulation of generics usage (Bolar exemption)

Responsible Board Member(s)

Vasile Varvaroi



Natalia Gusieva

Kateryna Kucher

Pavlo Matiusha

Policy Officer(s)

Ivan Stakhurskyi

Policy Officer (Agriculture Issues)

Official Service Providers