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The main purpose of the committee is to promote the further development and modernization of Ukraine’s energy sector by attracting investment, in support of the vision of a more energy self-reliant Ukraine.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

To advocate for regulatory reform in upstream sector, development of the new Subsoil Code based on international best practices and improvement of fiscal system to meet the long-term nature of oil&gas business

Priority 2

To improve legislation and regulatory acts aimed at proper implementation of natural gas market law, maintenance of attractive gas transmission tariffs, implementation of favorable customs regimes, development of a strong commodity exchange

Priority 3

To ensure competitive conditions for business activities on the electricity market and petrol retail sector

Responsible Board Member(s)

Matteo Patrone


Mykhaylo Bubnov



Andriy Bilyi

Vitaliy Radchenko

Maksym Sysoiev

Policy Officer(s)

Anna Kobernyk

Policy Officer (Committees)

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