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The main purpose of the committee is to promote the reform and improved application of the taxation system in Ukraine, recognizing that a predictable, equitable and effective tax system is a significant factor both in the general facilitation of business and in the positive development of Ukraine’s economy.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

To promote predictability of tax policy and ensure fair, equal and transparent tax policy as well as promote improvement of digitalization and tax administration

Priority 2

To ensure implementation of global trends and world’s best practices along with combating the shadow economy

Priority 3

To improve the investment climate of Ukraine via fiscal incentivization of direct investments

Responsible Board Member(s)

Andriy Tsymbal



Anna Nevmerzhytska

Mykhailo Poliakov

Kateryna Utiralova

Policy Officer(s)

Oksana Shvets

Chief Policy Officer (Tax & Customs Issues)

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