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Humanitarian, Help Refugees & Other Support. Verified Ways to Help Ukraine

Humanitarian, Help Refugees & Other Support. Verified Ways to Help Ukraine


(the list will be updated)

  1. United 24 - official fundraising platform of Ukraine
  2. State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) 
  3. Rescue now  helps to evacuate people and animals, provide humanitarian aid, informational assistance, and psychosocial support to the affected individuals  https://rescuenow.com.ua/ 
  4. Help People helps to evacuate people from Kherson region  https://helppeople.org.ua/ 
  5. Vostok SOS provides evacuation, humanitarian, legal and psychological assistance  https://vostok-sos.org/ 
  6. THE UKRAINIAN FREEDOM FUND (UFF) provides evacuation assistance to the Kherson Region  https://ukrfreedomfund.org/
  7. Save the Children delivers emergency aid to evacuees  https://www.savethechildren.org/us/where-we-work/ukraine 
  8. UAnimals - helps animals from the war zone: evacuation, food and medicine for shelters  https://uanimals.org/  
  9. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society evacuates people from Kherson Oblast redcross.org.ua


  • United 24 –  the initiative launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by assigned ministries to cover the most pressing needs


  • Special account of the National Bank of Ukraine – to raise funds for humanitarian aid


  • NGO Centre for Economic Strategy (CES) – for those who want to help financially or in kind. CES is assisting the Ukrainian Government via the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine (MinRe) in fundraising and coordinating humanitarian aid projects in line with requests of the Ukrainian government.


  • State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU)– for those who want to support the search and rescue teams of SESU please reach out to them directly through the official web portal.


  • Charitable fund "Mother and baby" –a charitable organization that solves social problems related to motherhood and childhood.


  • Help Ukraine Romania –  is the joint initiative of civil society representatives and members of the Chernivtsi City and Regional Councils, the local government bodies, supported by verified Ukrainian and Romanian NGOs and charities. View the list of current needs 


  • East Europe Foundation –  a Ukrainian non-profit charitable organization, one of the leaders in Ukraine’s civil society sector, having completed more than 100 programs of various scales, duration, and complexity. Humanitarian Appeal 2022 developed by East Europe Foundation 2022 summarizes the requirements for EEF humanitarian programmes, total number of people to be reached and planned results aligned with our organizational capacity to provide assistance to the people in need of shelter, NFIs, food, WASH, PSS, livelihoods, online education, digital services for IDPs and war-affected population.


  • Humanitarian aid website – an official portal developed jointly by the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for those who want to provide humanitarian or financial assistance to the people of Ukraine, businesses, or the government at times of resistance against russian aggression.  Anyone willing to support Ukraine can access here the information on how to do it.


  • Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation Humanitarian or Medical Aid –  Charity Foundation from Ukraine, that operates on a legal basis with an initiative to organize the delivery of international aid to the people of Ukraine.


  • NGO “GIRLS” – help children and their families affected by the war in Ukraine, provide humanitarian (food and hygiene products), psychological assistance, organize and support shelters for IDPs, implement social adaptation programs for internally displaced persons, provide complex psychological rehabilitation to victims of sexual violence. More information about the activity can be found here.


  • OneUkraine NGO can assist with the procurement and delivery of humanitarian aid through 320+ local Ukrainian suppliers. Also, OneUkraine is helping to evacuate children with special needs to Europe, building permanent housing for vulnerable groups, and scaling mental health program in Ukraine. OneUkraine is a German non-profit charitable organization founded by leading tech entrepreneurs.


  • Dobrodiy Club is a charitable organization helping Ukrainian children since 2011. During the war, the foundation has two main focuses. The first is emergency help to families with children on the verge of survival – food, essential hygiene products for children, and baby food. The organization also support Ukrainian in the occupied territories. Secondly is childhood support – Dobrodiy Club restores the joys of childhood by conducting free creative classes for children in partnership with UNICEF. Also, the foundation help to arrange areas for creativity and learning in shelters for refugees in Ukraine and provides kids who are struggling now with creative tools (pencils, albums, plasticine).


  • SpivDiia – the largest All-Ukrainian platform (initiated by volunteers together with the Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian and Social Affairs of the Office of the President of Ukraine), that checks and matches requests of war-affected Ukrainian citizens from governmental hot lines and other channels with abilities of support. Due to support of IREX, USAID, UNICEF, UNDP and other partners, SpivDiia have launched 24 regional hubs, in which platform teams provide free of charge career, law, psychological services, mini-grants and business consulting, emotional and psychological support for children, shelters for IDPs and the most requested - humanitarian aid (you may donate to purchase food kits or provide the organization with them). More information in the presentation.


  • СHARITY FUND BLAGOMAY is registered and operates in Ukraine for 10 years. The organization has many years of experience in helping various vulnerable groups - orphans in children's homes, boarding schools, foster families and family orphanages, internally displaced persons, and elderly people in boarding schools. The main direction of the fund's charitable activities is assistance to children in orphanages and the social adaptation of such children to real life. The organization takes care of 5,000 children from 90 orphanages and regions of Ukraine. Every year we hold dozens of promotions and closing programs for the important needs of children. Presentation on the activities here.


  • Family Garden is a non-government organization that helps Ukraine rebuild after the brutal aggression of the Russian invaders. We concentrate on humanitarian aid in granting long-term modular housing for those who have lost their homes due to war. Our priority area of work is to provide community-forming families new homes for a dignified life in their country on their plots of land. More details on the project here and a presentation of the houses here.


  • Foundation of Irpin Restoration has its goal in the restoration of social infrastructure, high-rise and private housing, destroyed or damaged during the war in Irpin. In addition, systematized and ordered information about all destroyed and damaged objects of the city is published here. Photos, videos and presentations of the destruction are also presented. You can find the ways to help Irpin here.


  • Children of Heroes Charity Fund helps children who have lost one or both parents due to the Russian war in Ukraine. The Fund provides financial, psychological, humanitarian, legal support, as well as medical support, education, socialization until children's adulthood. We believe it is our mission to help these children and guide them through tragedy and devastating loss, so they can achieve their greatest potential — both personal and professional, and become best representatives of Ukraine as a nation in the global community.More information could be found in the presentation.
  • ROOF is a charity project devoted to the reconstruction of Ukrainian residential buildings destroyed by the military aggression of the Russian Federation. The project ROOF was initiated by LCF Law Group.


  • NGO Frater – the main goal of the activity of the NGO Frater is a comprehensive satisfaction, protection and implementation of the spiritual, economic, intellectual, social, natural and other rights of its members, participants in hostilities, families of the dead and other physical persons, promotion of effective use of available opportunities in ensuring the protection of economic and social rights, provision of health, medical, psychological, moral and other help. NGO "Frater" is the main partner of the Training Center 113, which was created and functions effectively as a separate unit of Prystolychna Territory Defense Team No. 1 in the Kyiv region and unites the efforts of volunteers who provide various assistance to military personnel and members of their families, injured as a result of hostilities and refugees. More details in the presentation.


  • FRIDA project is a Ukrainian-Israeli volunteer initiative launched at the beginning of the war. The mission provides emergency medical relief to the most vulnerable of Ukrainian citizens. FRIDA is a team of both Israeli and Ukrainian medical volunteers who work to support hundreds of Ukrainians affected by the war on a daily basis. Doctors worked in Chernihiv, Bucha, Irpin, towns and villages of the Chornobyl region. The project, under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, provided medical assistance to Ukrainians moving from the war to European countries. The project also carries out the evacuation of patients from dangerous regions. More details about the foundation here.


  • Techiia Foundation is a non-governmental organization of the TECHIIA international holding. Since 2019, the Foundation has helped to update equipment in 16 hospitals in Ukraine. After the full-scale invasion, it focused on helping Ukrainian Defense Forces. As of December 2022, it purchased and handed over $21.5 million worth of necessary items to the Armed Forces units.


  • Solar Energy Association of Ukraine – NGO Ecoclub and the Solar energy association of Ukraine are starting a project to install solar power plants for six Ukrainian hospitals. It will provide hospitals with electricity even if the supply is disconnected from the grid.


  • Superhumans Center – a modern rehabilitation center for adults and children in Ukraine to give people who have suffered life-changing injuries, wounded on the battlefield and on the street a superhero life they deserve.


  • Dobrobat – volunteer building battalion" is a volunteer movement created in April 2022 to rebuild homes and infrastructure facilities in liberated cities that have been destroyed by the invading russian forces. Dobrobat volunteers remove debris and renovate buildings to make them inhabitable again and help Ukrainians to avoid IDP status. "Dobrobat" is actively working in all the liberated territories of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, Mykolaiv, and Kherson oblast. Apart from reconstruction and repairing activities Dobrobat undertake numerous cultural, training, and media initiatives. Together with partners USAID, US-Ukraine Foundation, Belgian MFA, GIZ, Mondo, UNHCR, and others, Dobrobat have restored the roofs in 160 houses, repaired windows in more than 95 houses, and helped more than 1650 families to restore their houses and not seek any shelter in other regions. You can find the presentation with more detailed information here.


  • The Ukrainian Red Cross Society – over 10mln people received help from the URCS since the start of the full-scale invasion: the Society distributed 8mln+ food and hygienic kits, evacuated 307k+ people from frontline areas, taught First Aid skills and provided psychosocial help to hundreds of thousands of people. Your donation will help continue our humanitarian efforts, alleviate suffering, and ultimately save lives.


  • Charity Foundation Sincere Heart has its mission in recovery of the mental and physical health of Ukrainians who suffered during the war in Ukraine. Since April 2022, the organization has launched a project of free emotional and psychological rehabilitation camps for children and mothers affected by the war. The participants were children of IDP’s, children of servicemen and their mothers, families from the occupied and frontlines territories. More than 7,000 people have already received help thanks to the project. You can learn more about our activities on the website https://www.ucare.foundation/en/news/100-free-camps-for-children-and-parents-of-idps/. If you can help, please contact us +380 63 4841848 (WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram), irade.khaspolatova@ucare.me.
  • Sprouts of Hope (www.sproutsofhope.co) – a Ukrainian-American charity founded to respond to the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Foundation focus on providing humanitarian aid to liberated citizens of Kharkiv city and its region, one of the most affected regions by Russia’s war. The foundation was established by two great friends, an American businessman, Matt Moore, and a Ukrainian businessman, Taras Ogiychuk.
  • Charity Fund "Modern Village and Town" has worked in Ukraine for 10 years. Since the beginning of the war, Fund has expanded their activities, and now the key areas are: 1.Helping refugees and people in need (food; clothing; household items); https://bfond.com.ua/project/dopomozhit-ukrayinczyam-vryatujte-ukrayinu/; 2. Helping hospitals (district hospitals, children hospital, maternities, diagnostic centers), and 3.Helping children (rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy and disabilities). You can help here https://dobro.ua/member/operator/bf-suchasne-selo-ta-misto/projects/
  • NGO "Kids of Ukraine" has its mission in developing and restoring mental health of our young generation and Uncovering and multiplication of Ukrainians as a social investment into the future of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, Foundation provided humanitarian aid and, in collaboration with the Dobry Brat Charity Foundation, organised a mental restoration day camp SviTY for internally displaced teenagers and military families. There are also permanent clubs in Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy. The plans are to open clubs in: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Ternopil, Zhytomyr. Support and mental recovery programs created by qualified specialists help children adapt to new realities. Psychological consultations and workshops, thematic training, English lessons, various activities, and many more events are held for children weekly. How to help the children of Ukraine, see the presentation.
  • Reactive Post is a charitable organization that takes care of the needs of Ukrainian field artillery. It was founded by two IT professionals, Pavlo Narozhnyi and Dmytro Chukanov, in 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea. After 9 years of activity, Reactive Post is still the only charitable organization in Ukraine that equips artillery for all 360°: from everyday repair tasks to large-scale projects of improving the combat capability and comfort of units.
  • savED is an international charitable fund that restores access to education in communities affected by the russian war against Ukraine. savED establishes Digital Learning Centers (DLCs) and temporary schools, arranges bomb shelters in educational institutions and operates youth program UActive that offers school students the opportunity to develop and implement projects in their school or community. The fund was founded by Anna Novosad, the former Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019-2020), in collaboration with the educational foundation GoGlobal.
  • Osprey Relief Foundation - Joint American–Ukrainian project founded as a result of executed humanitarian and training projects to assist the renovation of Ukraine, restore defensive opportunities of Ukraine, educate the EOD specialists, and carry out demining activities. More information on the mission of the foundation is here.


  • Humanitarian Nova Poshta - delivers humanitarian goods across Ukraine and abroad to support the army and territorial defense.


  • Breathe Charity Fund was originally established to support hospitals (to help COVID-19) by the partners of our member company Sayenko Kharenko, one of the leading Ukrainian full-service law firms, and their fellow Ukrainian businessmen. Currently, the Fund is transferring all charitable donations and humanitarian aid to support the Ukrainian civilian population, including refugees and Ukrainian hospitals.


  • Ukraine Shelter – a project by Veedoo team launched to help find  housing for  Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion


  • SkyUP Airlines – evacuation flights and delivering humanitarian aid. SkyUp Airlines delivers aid from almost all major cargo airports in Europe and the entire world to the closest destination to the Ukrainian border. As of today, SkyUp has delivered 162 tons of humanitarian cargo goods. Also air carrier has transported a total of 3018 passengers who had to leave the country, as well as 136 pets with them.


  • Common Help UA – Humanitarian Project launched by Charitable Foundation "Believe in yourself"  which is supported by Astarta to provide people who were affected by military actions with humanitarian aid.



  • Ukraine Humanitarian Fund – your donation will help humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies in  Ukraine to assist the most vulnerable communities and people, and to provide them with urgently needed food, water, shelter and other basic support. Through this rapid and flexible response mechanism your gift today can be truly life-saving.


  • UN Crisis Relief – intensifying hostilities in Ukraine are threatening the lives and wellbeing of tens of thousands of families. Help us provide them with the means to survive.


  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - your donation will help to support women and girls affected by the war in Ukraine.


  • Save the Children – your donation today can help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.


  • World Food Programme (WFP) - your donation will help us provide food to the most vulnerable people inside Ukraine and in neighboring countries, especially those on the move in search of safety.


  • Disasters Emergency Committee - families fleeing the conflict have left their homes with only the items they were able to carry. Help us provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection.


  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) - your support can help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.


  • "Yes, We Care" –  an initiative by AmCham Italy, to support the humanitarian operations for the Ukrainian people that are forced to leave their country, hit by war and devastation. AmCham Italy decided to make their contribution by donating to the fund established by Comune di Milano to support people coming from Ukraine.


  • "Operation Palyanytsya" –  a humanitarian relief project administered and directed by The Committee for Open Democracy (COD), a US-based non-profit organization.


  • Yellowblue Force Foundation is an international volunteering organization uniting professionals from the corporate sector, professional services, and tech. The foundation raise funds and in-kind aid outside Ukraine to provide large-scale assistance to humanitarian needs, namely generators for hospitals, 4x4 ambulances for Emergency Medical Service, medical devices for trauma units of hospitals in Ukraine, as well as the support of rescue teams, defenders, the restoration of the damaged social infrastructure of the liberated towns and villages. Organization helps Ukrainian people to stand resilient and defend the peace and values of the civilized world by engaging the international business community.


  • Swiss-Ukrainian project DESPRO fundraises internationally for immediate support to Ukrainian people and communities exposed to the Russian invasion. They provide individuals and families with food, medications, clothing and other essentials, help communities threatened by occupation with organizing shelters and evacuation for civilians.


  • Kidsave International - Kidsave is a US-based non-profit charitable organization. Kidsave's mission is to create global change, so that older children can grow up in families and connected to caring adults. When the conflict started on February 24, 2022, Kidsave shifted its resources from family placement programming to humanitarian efforts.


  • Future for UkraineInternational Charity Foundation, created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. Foundation provide support to the victims of the war.


  • Hromada a US non-profit organization based in Corte Madera, Marin county, California.  Hromada is actively collecting funds and sending them overnight each day to Ukraine to areas most affected by war.


  • Ronald McDonald House Charities helps children and their families during the war: provides humanitarian assistance and food kits to the refugees and families affected; purchases medicine and vital medical equipment for the hospitals.


  • Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service – provides primary care, comfort and support readily accessible to Ukrainians affected by the current crisis in Ukraine. Service is ready and available FREE OF CHARGE providing remote access to doctors to all Ukrainians affected by the conflict in Ukraine.


  • Mountain Seed Foundation(MSF): an American and European-based nonprofit foundation supporting Ukraine by helping children and families seek mental refuge through experiential programs including art healing and mountain-based camps. The foundation is committed to long-term mentorship and partnership with these families to ensure they thrive.  More information on the foundation here


  • The Ucare.me platform - international platform for restoring the mental health of Ukrainians. Your support will help provide free highly qualified psychological assistance to eyewitnesses of the war in Ukraine. Detailed information here..


  • Project C.U.R.E. was founded in 1987 to address the staggering shortage of medical resources around the world. Since the beginnings, Project C.U.R.E. has become the world’s largest distributor of donated medical supplies, equipment, and services to doctors and nurses serving the sick and dying in more than 135 countries.

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