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Retail & E-Commerce

Committee’s activities are devoted to uniting representatives of international retail and create a one voice position in the dialogue with key stakeholders as well as to create conditions for the rise in Ukraine’s retail e-commerce following the global trends.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

To ensure transparency and predictability in core industry regulations related to tax policy, payment procedures, cash discipline

Priority 2

To eliminate unnecessary restrictions to trade, including online trade

Priority 3

To ensure implementation of the risk-oriented approach to state control

Responsible Board Member(s)

Lenna Koszarny


Yuliya Badritdinova



Vladyslav Chechotkin

Iryna Diachuk

Olesya Olenytska

Policy Officer(s)

Mykhaylo Dzhuzha

Policy Officer (Food & Beverage; Retail & E-Commerce Issues)

Official Service Providers