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AmCham Ukraine Wins ACE Creative Network Award 2023

AmCham Ukraine Wins ACE Creative Network Award 2023

September 29th, 2023

AmCham Ukraine has been announced WINNER of the 2023 AmChams in Europe (ACE) Creative Network Award. The announcement was made at the ACE Annual Best Practice meeting in Athens on September 29th, 2023.

AmCham Ukraine won the award for Continuity amid Crisis: How to Steer AmCham through Country's Hardship (on the example of running AmCham in wartime Ukraine).

Since the beginning of Russia's brutal invasion, AmCham Ukraine's mission has been even more critical and determined – to deliver the voice of brave and resilient business, create business opportunities, and facilitate companies' engagement in Ukraine's recovery, showing the entire world that Ukraine is open for business.

The AmChams in Europe Creative Network Award was established in 2014 to incentivize AmChams to share creative initiatives and projects for the benefit of AmChams throughout the ACE network.

"AmCham Ukraine team performs at 100% during the biggest hardship in modern European history. These 1.5 years showed us that everything is possible when defenders are lionhearted, when people and the world are united, and when business is resilient. We are honored to be recognized among 47 European countries. Our team will continue to support members and create business opportunities for as long as it takes during the war and post-war, facilitating companies' engagement in Ukraine's recovery", commented Yuliana Chyzhova, Chief Communications Officer, who received the award on behalf of the Ukraine team.

In 2020, AmCham Ukraine won the ACE Creative Network Award with its Leadership in Times of Crisis project, which became a unique platform for members to communicate the new realities of work, how to lead during uncertainty, inform how businesses have been impacted, and share experience on how companies help local communities during COVID-19 pandemic.

The shortlisted 2023 ACE Creative Network Award finalists were: AmCham Hungary "Business Services Search Project", AmCham Romania "Roundtable with SOEs on Corporate Governance", AmCham Turkey "Digital Academy", and AmCham Ukraine project "Continuity amid Crisis: How to Steer AmCham through Country's Hardship (on the example of running AmCham in wartime Ukraine)."

AmChams in Europe, established in 1963, serves as an umbrella organization of 49 AmChams across 47 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. ACE represents the interest of more than 17,000 American and European companies in Europe, with more than 17 million jobs on both sides of the Atlantic and $1.1 trillion in investments.

The American Chamber of Commerce is Ukraine's leading international business association. It continues to serve members in Ukraine since 1992.

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