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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

Wartime Resilience in Ukraine

Wartime Resilience in Ukraine

AmCham Ukraine is launching the WARTIME RESILIENCE IN UKRAINE project featuring insightful interviews with CEOs who share their companies' unique stories of resilience, unity, and strength during the biggest hardship in modern European history.

The project aims to demonstrate to the global community how businesses operate in Ukraine during Russia's full-scale war, showing that Ukraine is open for business, what companies are doing on Ukraine's path to recovery and victory, what drives resilience, and key wartime learnings.


"Resilience to me is about continuing to look for solutions despite the situation. I don't know that another country would have operated with the same level of resilience based on my experience. I am honored and humbled to be able to see this and be a part of it", Alex McWhorter, AmCham Ukraine Board of Directors Vice Chair, Citi Ukraine Country Officer.

Watch the full interview and be inspired by the resilience businesses in Ukraine demonstrate daily.


"I know that 85 to 90% of companies are operating almost with no disruption since the world started, but the fact is that those companies continue to grow. And the example here at Boeing is that we hired over 100 people since the war started and we managed to promote and to get even more serious, more critical statements of work from the US to Ukraine", Honorata Hencel, Managing Director of Boeing in Poland and Ukraine.

Don’t miss this story of leadership, adaptation, and strength.

American University Kyiv

"Resilience, I believe, is built over time, and the more crises, the more interventions that don't break an individual or an institution, typically make them stronger", said Dan Rice, President of the American University Kyiv.

Check out our latest interview within the Wartime Resilience in Ukraine project and discover how resilience and leadership intertwine in times of war.


"Since the very first days of the full-scale invasion, we had to adapt quickly. So resilience means adapting to new and changing circumstances. In our case, it meant that we never stopped working and that we provided medicine to the people who needed it and seeds to the farmers. It means to ensure business continuity and, first of all, the safety of our employees. Hard work is resilient for me, and that is how the team enabled us to succeed", Oliver Gierlichs, General Manager at Bayer.
Tune in to the full interview within our Wartime Resilience in Ukraine project to get more inspiring insights from Oliver and learn how Bayer Ukraine exemplifies resilience in action.

“Resilience is the Ukrainian superpower. The way the people withstand the war challenges, working together, supporting each other, keeping the economy flowing, never ceases to inspire me”, Inga Andreieva, General Manager, Ukraine & Moldova, Mastercard.
Watch the latest video interview as part of our project – Wartime Resilience in Ukraine – and discover firsthand how resilience serves as a driving force in Ukraine.

“We decided to restart business and we decided not to focus on threats but constantly focus on opportunities, be strong, and come out from the war even stronger than we got into this war”, Oleh Khaidakin, Managing Director at Carlsberg Ukraine.
Watch the full interview within the Wartime Resilience in Ukraine project now to witness resilience in action and discover the strength to overcome adversity!

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