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Information Technologies

The main purpose of the committee is improving the environment for the further development of a sustainable and well-regulated Information Technologies sectors in Ukraine.

Committee Priorities

Priority 1

Ensuring predictable and transparent tax policy for the IT industry by advocating for development business-friendly Ukrainian tax legislation the field of IT

Priority 2

Promotion of Ukraine’s IT brand strengthening country’s image as attractive investment destination

Priority 3

Fostering development of the tech (IT) education by contributing to the development of human capital and technology-based educational environment and using cloud technologies in the Public Sector in Ukraine

Responsible Board Member(s)

Lenna Koszarny



Oleksandra Alkhimovych

Taras Kerechan

Oleg Yakymchuk

Policy Officer(s)

Galyna Isakiv

Senior Policy Officer (Committees)

Official Service Providers