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Лідерство в часи кризи

Лідерство в часи кризи

Американська торговельна палата запустила новий проект для підтримки бізнесу в ці безпрецедентні часи для України, показуючи, як компанії-члени Палати перетворюють виклики на можливості, підтримують своїх працівників та допомагають українцям.


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Microsoft

“We at Microsoft apply three main principles. First, you as a leader should create clarity. Try to have proper, empathic conversations with your employees about what is going on and how it will be. Second, you generate energy and inspiration, try to motivate people to stay optimistic. And the third one – you deliver upon the goals, driving innovation, and adjusting to the new reality. In terms of this pandemic, it’s very useful to look at solutions boundaryless. Keep optimistic, use this crisis to learn. I believe that 2021 is going to be full of opportunities,” Jan Peter de Jong, Country Manager Microsoft Ukraine, AmCham Ukraine Board Member, for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Many thanks to Jan Peter for sharing thoughts and inspiring us.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Thursday, December 24, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Kinstellar

“As a leader, you need to be confident and know a clear path to go forward. You have to trust your people, be open and transparent. Communication nowadays is vital. We introduced various communication channels during the quarantine to be sure that our team and clients feel confident and informed. Be flexible and be ready to adjust to a new changing reality,” Olena Kuchynska, Managing Partner at Kinstellar for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Many thanks to Olena for the interesting interview.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. HiPP

«Для мене лідерство – це, в першу чергу, відповідальність за свій вплив на людей, яких ти ведеш за собою. Воно має базуватися на правильних морально-етичних засадах. Роль відповідального лідерства на таких правильних цінностях зростає і в державі, і в бізнесі, і в суспільстві. Щира підтримка та співпереживання дуже важливі в ці непрості для нас часи. Ми намагаємося будувати відносини в команді через діалог, щоб чути один одного, та створювати атмосферу продуктивної довіри», - Ольга Левітан, Генеральний директор HiPP Ukraine, гостя проекту #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Ми дякуємо Ользі за надихаюче інтерв’ю.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Monday, December 21, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Colgate-Palmolive

“This crisis is different from what we have seen in the past, as it hits the most valuable that we have – people’s health and safety. The companies’ attention now has to be focused more on their contribution to society in terms of their help to fight the crisis and help people stay safe. Our ability to adapt to the new market realities is one of the essential leadership skills. We need to be fast and furious in winning the game now, communicating more with your people, and empowering them. Be safe, stay healthy, and remember - we will overcome this crisis and win, and will be even stronger,” Armen Martirosov, Cluster Head for Ukraine and Belarus, Colgate-Palmolive, for #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Many thanks to Armen for the valuable interview.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Monday, November 30, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Innoware

"Nowadays, it is vital for leaders and managers to keep people engaged and united toward the company mission and toward the idea they have been pursuing. We must invent new ways to communicate the strategy, new ways of motivation, making sure that our people are happy doing their work. Our attitude, our optimism, our leadership will help us go through these times better and suffer less from the obstacles that we have now," Dmytro Popinako, CEO at Innoware, for #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Thank you, Dmytro, for sharing your thoughts.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Monday, November 23, 2020


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