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Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership in Times of Crisis

The American Chamber of Commerce launched a new project to support businesses during these challenging times for Ukraine by showing how AmCham member companies turning challenges into opportunities, what they are doing for their employees, and how they help Ukrainian people.


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Pechersk School International

“What we have learned during the quarantine is that schools are incredibly important in our society, as a community. The social nature of learning is significant. The interaction between learners and teachers is fundamentally important. Now it’s time to focus on kindness, compassion, empathy, honesty, transparency, and positive attitude”, highlighted Rachel Caldwell, Director at Pechersk School International, for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Monday, September 21, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. PwC

“In times of crisis, when the situation changes daily, people need to reduce uncertainty and concerns to feel secure. Thus, leadership becomes vital during such times,” Ago Vilu, Managing Partner at PwC Ukraine, for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Ago believes that in the future, it will be a combination of the old world and the new world. We cannot wholly go online, as face-to-face communication has a strong emotional basis that cannot be replaced virtually.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Friday, September 18, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. AON

“Lead your team by own example - you cannot demand something from your people if you don’t do it yourself. Communicate more, be transparent and honest. Remember, if you take care of your people and clients, the crisis will be over soon,” Oleksii Grinchenko, CEO of AON Ukraine, for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis.
Stay together, support each other, and be healthy. Many thanks to Oleksii for the interview.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Thursday, September 17, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. IBM

We are in the middle of something unique, something we have not faced before. Some people could call it a crisis, Bogdan Khoroshchak, Country General Manager at IBM Ukraine, prefers to call it a challenge: “This challenge puts on our shoulders exciting things: we know that the economy and the way of work will change. And it is totally to us to define this new economy in which we will appear rather sooner than later. This time is all about people, both in our team and on our client’s side. These challenging times are the topic of effectiveness and how we, as leaders, help our teams to succeed and reach goals.” Many thanks to Bogdan for inspiring #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis interview.

On Thursday, September 17, IBM Ukraine will hold its annual conference, Think Digital Summit Kyiv, in an online format to discuss new trends and innovations of the IT-sphere. Join the event here: https://ibm.biz/Bdq9kb

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Leadership in Times of Crisis. Wirex

“This crisis is like a cold shower for all companies, but a cold shower in a good manner. People have faced the rebuilding of leadership skills. The main priorities now are people’s safety & wellbeing, changing of processes & ways of communication, along with the adaptation of technologies & building trust.” – Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi, CTO/Head of R&D at Wirex, for our #LeadershipInTimesOfCrisis. Many thanks to Ruslan for exciting insights.

Posted by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine on Friday, September 11, 2020


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