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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

INTEGRITES – Pro Bono Partner of the Virtual Conference Series Rehousing Ukraine

Initiator and co-host is Affordable Housing Institute (USA) in association with the Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program of the Ukrainian Research Institute (Harvard University).

During three online panels which took place on 8, 15 and 22 June 2022, Ukrainian and global experts in housing, urban planning, finance and post-conflict relief and recovery discussed the challenges and responses Ukraine’s housing reconstruction brings. Managing partner of INTEGRITES Oleksiy Feliv and Partner Oleh Zahnitko moderated first and second sessions, respectively.

The panelists represented the Ukrainian Government and municipalities, international finance institutions, policy making and consulting sectors, development and construction industry, academic community.

The discussants stressed the importance of the prompt and balanced approach to the housing crisis caused by the atrocious war being waged by russia in Ukraine. They also highlighted the sustainability and equitability of housing for all war victims as the key principles of rebuilding Ukraine’s housing stock and attracting investments into the construction sector. The involvement of the development financial institutions, the European and global community in clearing the massive debris and the post-war construction of the housing stock in Ukraine has also been discussed.

Among other important takeaways: the best international practice in affordable housing and its models successfully implemented in other countries should be referred to in Ukraine, while a balance towards housing ownership for Ukrainian citizens vs rental scheme should be kept.

Oleksiy Feliv, Managing partner and Head of Real Estate practice, INTEGRITES: “We are glad to contribute to the elaboration of the plan on how to rehouse Ukraine after severe damage caused by russia. Having international support and experience at hand, Ukraine will choose its path and excel in rebuilding – no doubt about that. We are thankful to the Affordable Housing Institute for partnership and timely promotion of the Ukrainian agenda on the global arena. In our turn, INTEGRITES will keep facilitating the dialogue between public and private sectors from Ukraine and abroad”.

Oleh Zahnitko, Banking and Finance partner, INTEGRITES: “Each of us in Ukraine felt a terror of our living space disappearing in the war. The loss of community, family ties and privacy can be more dangerous than destruction of buildings. In these panels, we look at reassembling social capital through employment, rubble removal, planning and construction of new rural areas and the cities; the financial input plays not the least part. We are committed to foster a prompt rehousing effort. It will definitely have flaws, but many failures can for sure be avoided using post-war experience in other countries”.

David Smith, founder and CEO, Affordable Housing Institute: “The wanton destruction of buildings and homes presents the world with the greatest housing challenge of my lifetime. To enable Ukraine to rebound will take the combined effort of many nations, a complicated rebuilding program, and sophisticated capital finance. We were honored by the presence of experts, Ukrainian and global. They offered many proven and constructive recommendations for tangible actions in the short, medium, and long-term. The time to plan rebuilding is now, and we at AHI stand ready to help”.

Information on speakers and their presentations can be accessed via link.

Video recordings are available in two languages:

Panel 1 English Ukrainian

Panel 2 English Ukrainian

Panel 3 English Ukrainian

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