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EVERLEGAL law firm launches Sustainability direction

EVERLEGAL law firm launches Sustainability direction

The purpose of any modern company, alongside improving process automation and technologising the work, is to understand its responsibility to society and future generations. Nowadays, economic and environmental awareness concerns each of us, and there is a need for responsible businesses to be involved in maintaining ecological, economic and social balance.

EVERLEGAL law firm, whose values are based on environmental awareness, joins the group of such companies. EVERLEGAL launches the SUSTAINABILITY  direction, based on a consistent contribution to sustainable development through the reasonable use and processing of limited resources and legal support for projects that contribute to solving environmental problems.

For further development of the direction, EVERLEGAL has assembled a professional team of lawyers headed by managing partners – Yevheniy Deyneko and Andriy Olenyuk. The team divided the direction's activities into three sections: sustainable business and sustainable management, sustainability and our clients, sustainability and our projects.

As a responsible business, the company has already made specific commitments: to reduce electricity use, reduce the consumption of plastic and paper, and reduce its carbon footprint by 2025.

  • Within the framework of SUSTAINABILITY direction, EVERLEGAL enhances its activities in the renewable energy and environmental sectors and strongly supports "green" initiatives and environmental projects, in this way contributing to the achievement of 6, 7 and 13 Global Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN in 2015.
  • EVERLEGAL joins various global organisations and projects and implements its own "sustainable" initiatives, including creating the first platform for investment in "green" projects in Ukraine - GetMarket.
  • Therefore, EVERLEGAL`s team is focused on improving the regulatory environment in the sustainable development sector. The company is involved in the preparation and drafting of draft laws in the sector.

EVERLEGAL legal team also provides legal support to companies and organisations on various issues in the sustainable development sector.

For more information about SUSTAINABILITY direction in EVERLEGAL, follow the LINK: https://everlegal.ua/en/sustainability

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