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EVERLEGAL Launches Legal Support Program for Sustainability Initiatives

EVERLEGAL Launches Legal Support Program for Sustainability Initiatives

EVERLEGAL law firm has recently announced the launch of its SUSTAINABILITY direction, within the frameworks of which the company has launched a legal support program for sustainability initiatives. 

What is the mission of this program and who will be interested in joining it?

Everlegal's lawyers have determined that nowadays, companies and individuals that want to create or support sustainability projects often face the two biggest obstacles:

  • lack of support from local and state authorities; and
  • ineffective and inefficient level of legislative regulation.

The company has committed to solving these issues by creating the first legal support program for sustainability initiatives in Ukraine.

This program is intended to provide legal support for companies and organisations based in Ukraine and worldwide on the way to actively implement their sustainability initiatives.

Any company or organisation that operates in the following sectors can participate in the program. These sectors are renewable energy, low-carbon transport, low-carbon buildings, sustainable water and waste management, sustainable land use and climate changes.

Further, EVERLEGAL plans to allocate 1,000 hours of their lawyers' time a year to support sustainability initiatives. The company's pro bono services cover a wide range of legal issues, from advising governments, businesses, and public organisations on implementing sustainability initiatives in their policies to represent and protect interests in courts to deal with prohibiting the implementation of these initiatives.

  • You can ask for support on the company's website by filling out a short form. Therefore, EVERLEGAL encourages other companies with similar goals to join the program as a partner to jointly contribute to sustainable development around the world.
  • For more information about the program, follow the LINK: https://everlegal.ua/en/legal-support-program-for-sustainability-initiatives


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