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Avrora Multimarket

Oleksandr Dotsenko


Avrora multimarket is a Ukrainian company with foreign direct investment, which has become the undisputed leader in the Ukrainian dollar store market, operating 715 stores nationwide.

The Company was founded in 2011 in Poltava by a talented team of young entrepreneurs who set out to revolutionize the retail industry in Ukraine.

Avrora’s focus on operational excellence and obsession with delivering the best value to its customers, have enabled the Company’s rapid growth, expanding store-count by over 10 times in six years.

Avrora seeks to use its exceptional experience in adhering to the highest standards of customer engagement, its progressive technological approach to doing business, as well as its broad partner network in order to accelerate growth in Ukraine and expand in Central and Eastern Europe.

Avrora is also committed to continuing its development of a retail platform for local Ukrainian manufacturers, thereby further increasing import substitution and enhancing local manufacturing capabilities within Ukraine. Today, 65% of Avrora’s revenue come from the sale of goods that are locally sourced thus already making a strong contribution to the rebirth of Ukrainian manufacturing. The team has ambitions to further increase this percentage, as well as to eventually act as a trailblazer for Ukrainian manufacturers in new export markets.

Since Avrora Multimarket has become the member of the Chamber, number of own-branded
stores has grown – now Company operates about 1 100 stores nationwide (and quantity is increasing).


Address 18A, Pershotraviy Avenue, Poltava city, PO Box, 1, 36011, Ukraine

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