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PBN H + K Strategies is pleased to offer Chamber members state of the art communication and consulting services


PBN H + K Strategies is pleased to offer Chamber members state of the art communication and consulting services designed to help you emerge victorious in the current turbulent period


We will help navigate your company through the turbulent global environment and respond to the rapidly changing consumer needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tectonic changes in consumer expectations toward brands. The only way for companies to maintain and strengthen their leadership is to adapt to this change. A reputation audit is the compass that will help you navigate the needs and demands of customers in the “new normal”. PBN H+K Strategies offers professional expertise in conducting comprehensive reputation audits among consumers, employees, media, investors, government agencies, partners, and competitors based on specific brand / company needs.

Chamber member companies are offered 10% discount from standard price for Reputation Audit/ Perception Study


We will teach your speakers to land your messages with media, stakeholders and customers in the new media environment

Clear and consistent communication is key to supporting a company's reputation. In such turbulent times, clients, partners, government agencies and employees are all looking for transparency and leadership from brands. Not all speakers are ready for this, especially when their “tried and true” approaches fail in the digital communication environment.

Interactive online trainings by PBN H + K Strategies will help you structure the company's messages for external audiences, as well as form a pool of speakers to deliver them. Training programs are customized for specific client needs and may include: media relations, the art of public speaking, communicating bad news and crisis management, government stakeholder outreach, adapting communications to digital and much more. PBN H+K Strategies’ instructors have been successfully training representatives of private companies, government offices and public organizations for many years.

15% discount for Chamber members


We will develop creative messages that will be delivered to the RIGHT AUDIENCES at the RIGHT TIME

Being present online is not a big deal. Being effective online is an art that we can teach. PBN H+K Strategies can help develop and implement an effective strategy for brand positioning on social media, build loyalty through creative digital campaigns and establish productive contacts with top Ukrainian media at virtual press conferences. Our approach is based not only on creative ideas, but also on many years of studying target audiences and their preferred communication channels. During the crisis of 2020, our team has been successfully “digitalizing” our clients’ communications ranging from simple press conferences and briefings to large online events and conferences.

20% discount for Chamber members

For inquiries and references, please contact: Yuriy Prykhodko, Managing Director, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies Ukraine, email: yuriy.prykhodko@hkstrategies.com

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