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Ukraine Temporarily Cancels Electronic Auctions in ProZorro E-Procurement System

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine temporarily cancelled electronic auctions in the ProZorro system through Resolution No. 1495 of 30 December 2022 because of the constant shelling of nation's energy infrastructure and resulting blackouts, which was interfering with the electronic auction process.

Electronic auctions for open tenders are not expected to take place for the next six months beginning 3 January 2023. During this period, the system is automatically able to determine the most efficient tender offer based on the criteria and methods established by the contracting authority. It is temporarily not possible for bidders to compete against one another in the auction process by providing new offers.

Despite the suspension of electronic auctions, the Prozorro platform is considered an effective bidding platform and the procurement system continues to work.

The Prozorro.Sale system, which is used for privatisation auctions, will continue to work as usual.

Other changes introduced by the Resolution include:

The localisation requirements has been terminated for public procurement aimed at addressing the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, other military formations, and law enforcement authorities with the subsequent transfer of goods to the account of the requester;

State companies subordinated to the Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories are allowed to omit public procurement when the procurement is related to products needed for the search and identification of MIA and missing civil persons;

Bidders are prohibited from considering information on selection criteria, reasons for exclusion from public procurement procedures, and some other categories as confidential.

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