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Ukraine Passes Law Granting Special Rights to Polish Citizens

On 28 July 2022, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the new Law "On the Establishment of Legal and Social Guarantees for Citizens of the Republic of Poland on the Territory of Ukraine".

This Draft Law was introduced in response to a similar Polish Law, which established certain benefits for Ukraine citizens who entered Poland as a result of as a result of the Russian military aggression.

Based on the most recent text of the draft legislation (which may change before final publication), the Draft Law improves the living conditions of Polish citizens in Ukraine and ensures them special rights and freedoms on an equal footing with Ukrainian citizens in specific employment, economic, educational and medical areas.

The key rights introduced by the Draft Law include the ability to obtain:

  • the right to stay in the territory of Ukraine within 18 months after the Draft Law enters into force with the right to extend this stay;
  • employment without a work permit;
  • state registration as a taxpayer and a tax registration number;
  • social benefits, including social payments in case of disability, unemployment, etc;
  • the right to conduct entrepreneurial activity on the same terms as citizens of Ukraine;
  • educational privileges, including free tuition under state quotas, scholarships, preferential long-term loans for obtaining education in Ukraine, etc.;
  • free medical treatment in state medical institutions.

The Draft Law is pending the signature of the President of Ukraine and will enter into force one month from the day of its promulgation. Certain provisions of the Draft Law concerning obligations for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will enter into force on the day following its promulgation.

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