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Ukraine Changes Rules on Exempting Conscripts from Mobilisation

On 4 November 2022, Ukraine’s parliament adopted changes to the Law of Ukraine "On Mobilisation Training and Mobilisation" regarding the reservation or exemption of conscripts for the period of mobilisation and martial law.

The Law is intended to improve the system of reserving conscripts by allowing the exemption of employees of companies that are critical to the functioning of the Ukraine economy.

Previously, reservation was available primarily for employees of state institutions, state enterprises and critical infrastructure. For private businesses, the reservation procedure was open only to those companies assisting the army with mobilisation tasks.

The criteria for classifying companies as critical must still be approved by the government.

The Law has yet to be signed by Ukraine's President and will become effective after its official publication.

This article is based on the most recent text of the Law currently available, which may differ from the final version to be published.

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