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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute Received Medical Beds for Pediatric Patients

Funds for the equipment were collected owing to donations from Kyivstar subscribers within the initiative "Children's Hope"

Three multi-functional Nexo Comfort medical beds were transferred to the children's intensive care and anesthesiology department of the medical institution, which would help children with complex neurosurgical pathologies to endure postoperative periods more easily and have more comfortable conditions during their stay in the intensive care unit and in combating cancer.

"For two years of existence of "Children’s Hope", our subscribers gave a chance for life to thousands of diseased children. More than UAH 6.5 million were collected thanks to small SMS donations, and 29 departments of Ukrainian hospitals received assistance. On behalf of Kyivstar I want to thank all the concerned subscribers who become a real children's hope!" noted Hanna Zakharash, Director of Corporate Communications at Kyivstar.

On the basis of facilities of the Romodanov Institute treatment is provided for children with the most severe tumors of the nervous system from all over Ukraine. The department of the hospital performs long-term neurosurgical operations in young patients, as well as postoperative treatment, recovery and prevention of oncological diseases. In particular, in 2020, 336 children with neurosurgical pathology were treated, including 188 patients with complex oncological pathology. The postoperative period for children can last up to several months with constant stay in bed. The doctors of the medical institution thank all the concerned benefactors of the mobile operator, who helped in the purchase of medical beds that already facilitate treatment of children after surgery.

 You can learn more about the project on the platform dobro.ua by this link.

"Children’s Hope" was founded by Kyivstar and Ukrainian Charity Exchange ICF in December 2018.  The main purpose of the project is to help children with heart defects and cancer. During the existence of the initiative, more than 330 thousand charitable SMS were sent, 122 thousand Kyivstar subscribers became children's hope, 16 thousand of whom set up a regular donation on monthly basis and help children with heart diseases and cancer. The average amount of donation via SMS is UAH 15.

"We are inspired with the fact that together with Kyivstar we created a convenient, fast and qualitative mechanism of assistance to medical institutions in different parts of our country. Many children's hospitals received assistance that allows doctors to save the lives of these children by relying not only on their experience and luck but also on modern medical equipment. Let's be the children's hope together!" - said Iryna Gutzal, Director of the platform http://dobro.uadobro.ua, Ukrainian Charity Exchange ICF.

All Kyivstar prepaid subscribers have the possibility to choose the direction of assistance (oncological or cardiological) and one of the four regions of the country (Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa) whose hospitals will receive their charitable contributions. The donation can be one-time, from UAH 1 to UAH 3,000, or regular – UAH 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20. Regular donations will be made automatically after each replenishment of the account from UAH 40. The funds that subscribers donate via SMS are tax exempt. 100% of donations are transferred to the UCE for the project implementation. You can view reports on the use of funds in the portal dobro.ua.

You can view details and support the initiative by link kyivstar.ua/charity-ubb

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