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The AmCham Leadership Met with Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office

The AmCham Leadership Met with Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office

The AmCham leadership met with representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) to discuss the results of cooperation during 2020 and the next steps regarding the protection of investor’s rights in 2021.

Protecting investor rights, judicial reform, and attracting high-quality investment to Ukraine are at the top of the AmCham agenda for 2021. Like most economies globally struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine needs investment – which is only possible in a business climate where investor’s rights are protected, and real rule of law exists, or at a minimum, serious judicial reform is underway.

Since beginning our cooperation with the Prosecutor General in May 2020, resulting in the formation of the Office for the Protection of Investor’s Rights within the PGO, AmCham has brought forward 18 cases from its members who sought fairness, transparency, and concrete actions taken to protect investor rights. AmCham’s goal in pursuing this cooperation is to achieve tangible results and deliver the voice of the business community to all levels of the Ukrainian government, including the PGO.

We value the establishment of the Office for the Protection of Investor’s Rights, headed by Oleksiy Boniuk, with strong professionals within its ranks including Iryna Didenko, Acting Head of the Investment Protection Division. We appreciate the on-going dialogue, strong cooperation, and high professionalism established by Mr. Boniuk with the business community, and the leadership demonstrated by Iryna Venediktova, Prosecutor General, in support of protecting investor rights. As of today, fair justice and the safeguarding of investor rights have been established in 4 matters and progress has been made with, we hope near-term results, for a number of other cases underway.

Inspired by these first successes, AmCham looks forward to our further continued close and valuable cooperation with the PGO and its Office of Protection of Investor’s Rights and stand ready to support our member companies in protecting their investor rights.

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