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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

Proteins and Vitamins for Our Defenders

Proteins and Vitamins for Our Defenders

From the very first days of the war, the Kiev-based ILC Trade Company and its executive director Yuriy Gresko, together with Weider Global Nutrition and its affiliates, organized a steady supply of humanitarian aid in the form of protein bars, high-protein powders, vitamins, energy drinks, and other products produced by Weider to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As of the time of writing, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received the following quantities of the aforementioned humanitarian aid:

  • 20,868 protein bars;
  • 2,252 kg of protein powders (high-protein oat flour, shake proteins, collagen);
  • 2,054 tins of supplement (natural vitamins, joint health supplements, immune support, etc.);
  • 1,242 jars of high-protein peanut butter;
  • 4,724 energy sachets and various other assorted Weider products.

These are top-shelf, wholesome and delicious health-nutrition products, containing all the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which can replace a meal, are ready-to-eat, or require a minimum preparation time.

All these products are made by Weider, a leading global manufacturer of sports and health nutrition and innovative dietary supplements with over 80 years of expertise.

This humanitarian aid effort has been jointly financed by:

  • Weider Global Nutrition (USA) led by Mr. Eric Weider and Mr. Richard Blair.
  • Weider Nutrition S.L. (Spain) helmed by Ms. Regina Rivera.
  • Weider Germany GmbH (Germany) run by Mr. Anthony Kane.
  • ILC Trade Company (Ukraine) managed by Ms. Larisa Gresko and Mr. Yuriy Gresko.

Mr. Sergii Kostiuk of the Polish fund Fundacja Sztab Warszawski Front and the volunteers Ms. Anzhelika Lahoda and Mr. Krzysztof Kostka have been highly instrumental in the logistics and transportation aspects of bringing this humanitarian aid into Ukraine.

Once the aid makes its way from Poland to the Lviv Region Humanitarian Warehouse, the Lviv Region Military State Administration takes it further to be distributed directly to the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Together We Are Strong!

Glory to Ukraine and to our Defenders!

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