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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

I.L.C. Trade Company

Larisa Gresko


Since 1994 till now ILC Trade Company imports to Ukraine SPORT NUTRITION PRODUCTS (proteins, gainers, amino acids, creatine, vitamins and other supplements designed to maintain general health and fitness, enchance sport performance, improve trainings) and sell them wholesale and retail.
Since 1996 ILC is the exclusive distributor of the following well-known world leaders amoung sports nutrition manufacturers, in the territory of Ukraine:
• Weider Global Nutrition, LLC (USA) with trademark WEIDER, BODY SHAPER;
• Weider Germany GmbH (Germany), sibsidary of Weider Global Nutrition, LLC, with trademark WEIDER, BODY SHAPER, VICTORY;
• ATLANTIC MULTIPOWER GmbH & Co.ONG (Germany), with trademark MULTIPOWER;
• Schiff Nutrition Group Inc.(USA) with trademark SCHIFF.
Since 1998 till now ILC Trade Company publishes Ukrainian edition of magazine under the license of Weider Publications, LLC, a subsidiary of American Media, Inc. (USA).
Since 2012 till now ILC Trade Company is the official distributor of GNC (General Nutrition Centers), Inc., USA (manufacturer of food and sport supplements) in the territory of Ukraine.
Since 2012 till now ILC Trade Company is the exclusive athourized distributor of NUTREX RESEARCH, Inc., USA (manufacturer of food and sport supplements) in the territory of Ukraine.
ILC Trade Company provides the folowing services:
- Wholesale and retail sales of sports nutrition, food supplements, vitamins and minerals;
- Delivery of goods in Kiev and through Ukraine.
- Individual selection of suitable sports nutrition.
- Detailed advice on sports nutrition and training.
- Publication of Muscle & Fitness magazine as well as informational catalogs and booklets.
- Discount programs for regular customers.
- Sporting events and workshops.
- Sport nutrition tasting.


Address 28, Symona Petliury St., Kyiv 01032, Ukraine

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